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I'm going to reading festival and i have no idea what to bring?

I'm going to reading festival tomorrow till the 30th. What sort of things shall i bring and like what bag should i take things in?

Thanks in advance

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    Take some books of course!

    Unless you mean Reading (note the capital letter). In which case take plenty of condoms.

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    A reading festival that is awesommmmmme! Oh course books, a big durable book mark, paper and pencil to write down titles of books you are inspired to read, your reading glasses, some water to stay hydrated, and some money. That should just about do it.

  • dry shampoo, baby wipes, toilet roll, chewing gum.. hairbands, headbands.. something to tie your hair up. Maybe hat, sunglasses.. remember you not going to have water to bath in or electric for straightners etc.

    You going to go wild..

    a holdall will be fine, remember it's going to be left in your tent etc. So if you got something you can lock even better

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