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desperately need some piece of advice! please!?

So-I'm in a very sticky situation.I just got my bachelor's degree in English philology in Bulgaria.But I need to save some money and think about what master's degree to pursue.

The plan is:find some volunteer work somewhere abroad and while I am there-find a job and stay in this country to work and save up for next year.

The problem is:it is weird but all the programs I found require a lot of money to participate.I know English and Spanish perfectly and I was thinking about some volunteer work in a hostel or Au pair or I don't know...

Or if anybody knows of good job offers in Italy,Spain,Denmark,Sweden,UK...

I'm very confused and all information is welcome!;(

Thank you =)

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    You sure are getting good use out of that college degree you earned, aren't you! What did you say that was in again? English Philology? That sounds really interesting. I can't believe that people are only offering programs for people who pay them money for the programs. They should be providing all these programs for free and make no money for their time or service at all. I agree with you, that is not only wierd, but that is really rude of them to charge people for their programs.

    Maybe you could go to work on a cruise ship where they have English and Spanish speaking passengers and you can be a translator. It might lead to a masters degree in public relations.

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