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Polyphasic sleep schedule is causing arguments?

Hey there,

So long story short, my boyfriend feels the need to be on a polyphasic sleep schedule. This means he puts himself on a strict sleeping schedule. From 2-5 am, he sleeps, and then 4 times a day, for 15 minutes, he naps. This has begun to put a strain on our relationship. There is no cuddling in bed, not much of anything. Nothing. I sleep, and well, he works, types, does whatever. I wish that I could be laid back about this, but is 4 hours per day of sleep really enough?

He is absolutely convinced he's right, though, and no matter what, he won't change his patterns. It's causing strain in the relationship and it's beginning to get frustrating. Any ideas or tips on how to be okay with this, how to work through this?

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    First, the concern that 4 hours per day of sleep being enough:


    The idea of "Polyphasic Sleep" is to live healthily on far less sleep than normal.

    The theory is that the mind performs most of its recuperative tasks in half a dozen short bursts spread out through a normal, monophasic night's sleep. In polyphase, these bursts are instead spread out in "naps" throughout the day.

    The schedule you described is more commonly known as the "Everyman" schedule. The failure rate for most polyphase schedules is about 80%, mostly due to a lack of willpower during the "adaptation period".

    The "Everyman" schedule has an adaptation period of about 1 month, during which the schedule has to be followed strictly. One advantage of the Everyman schedule is that naps can be moved about 1 hour forward and backward once one is fully adapted to it (after about 6 months).

    --Known Examples--

    * Richard Buckminster Fuller (of geodesic fame) was the first *well-recorded* polyphase. He slept 30 minutes every 6 hours (2 hours a day, the bare minimum). His schedule is known as the "Dymaxion" and I personally recommend not even trying it. He lived on the schedule for about 2 years, with no problems.

    * Puredoxyk is the most well-known polyphaser who wrote the first article on the internet about polyphasic sleep. She has a book entitled "Ubersleep". She has been on both the Uberman (20 minutes every 6 hours; totals 2 hours a day) and vanilla Everyman schedules, the latter of which she is still on till today.

    * Marc Beneteau

    * Steve Pavlina

    * Dr Piotr Wozniak recommends "free running sleep", which basically means "sleep for as long and whenever you feel like it", which is more insane than normal polyphase.

    Done with the science-y bit.


    * Remind him that polyphasic adaptation is not a game. It requires an extraordinary degree of motivation.

    * He needs a _good_reason_. Too many people go into it because it sounded cool, and then fail. A pathetic waste of time. It also gives polyphasers a bad name, so I strongly advise NOT to go into polyphase IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GOOD REASON.

    * Jobs and education and social interaction do not encourage polyphasic sleep. Especially jobs. Taking a kip twice or thrice in a day is not an idea that bosses in Western countries are yet adapted to (you might get away with it in countries like Spain that practice taking a siesta -- i.e: an hour nap in the middle of the day. N.B: Studies have shown taking a siesta has been shown to be more healthy than normal sleep.).

    ** The above is a big factor. Buckminster went back to monophase because his business associates "wanted to sleep like normal men". So his "additional waking hours were not productive".

    * Most do better when they have someone they know go through it as well.

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    Polyphasic sleep is an umbrella term that refers to 3 distinctive drowsing types that cut back sleep time to 2-5 hours on a daily basis. each and every form of polyphasic sleep breaks up drowsing time into smaller areas in the process the day, permitting human beings to sleep much less yet sense alert. while you're demise for severely beyond popular time in an afternoon without feeling sleep disadvantaged or fatigued, this would nicely be the main ideas-blowing element for you. Be warned, nonetheless--the transition era unquestionably isn't elementary. Are you waiting? prepare your self: Polyphasic drowsing isn't something to be taken gently. Are you mentally arranged to bypass via 7-10 days of severe fatigue, until eventually now your physique adjusts to the recent time table? Request time without work. you heavily isn't in shape to artwork, quite contained in the direction of the two-week adjustment era. Take care as continuously!

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    I doubt that is healthy, but he can always go to bed early, before he sleeps, so that you and he can have some cuddle time.

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    tell hium if he dont change that he will lose you just tell him the truth

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