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represent 同on behalf of 有什麼分別?

represent 同on behalf of 在意思上同用法上有什麼分別?THX

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    on behalf of somebody/ on somebody's behalf,詞性:preposition phrase。

    解釋有三: the representative of somebody or instead of them,代表/ 代替某人。

    Mr Chan cannot be here, so his wife will accept the prize on his behalf.

    2.US寫法:in behalf of somebody/ in somebody's behalf;

    in order to help somebody,為了幫忙某人。

    We collected money in behalf of the homeless.

    3.because of somebody; for somebody,因為某人。

    Don't worry on my behalf.

    represent,詞性:verb。 由於represent是verb,所以跟on behalf of somebody的用法不同,但意思與上面的解釋一有點相似。

    意思是to speak, act or be present officially for another person or people,代表某人。


    If someone such as a lawyer or a politician represents a person or group of people, they act on behalf of that person or group.

    If you represent a person or group at an official event, you go there on their behalf.

    If you represent your country or town in a competition or sports event, you take part in it on behalf of the country or town where you live.


    They chose a famous barrister to represent them in court.

    The general secretary may represent the president at official ceremonies.

    My only aim is to represent Britain at the Olympics.


    represent是動詞;但on somebody's behalf是preposition phrase,所以用它時要加上動詞。

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    He represented her.

    He did sth on her behalf.

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