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with all the recent signings in the MLS is their still parity or has it gone top heavy?

I think the league may go Top heavy (scares me). but thankfully with signings like Omar Bravo, and Giovanni (DP's on small market teams). I think we still may have parity in this league.


would you like to see the MLS go top heavy where their are realistically only a hand-full of teams have a good shot at winning or do you like the current way of most teams have a shot at winning.

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    MLS still has parity even with the league’s new 3 DP Rule.

    MLS still has its American Allocation Rule.

    MLS still has the Super Draft.

    MLS still has a Salary Cap.

    MLS has plenty of restrictions in place that will keep the league from looking like MLB. If clubs choose to no use DP’s its there choice. MLS is not telling its clubs that they must spend $5 million on each DP. Clubs don’t have to spend Red Bull or Galaxy money to sign its DP’s. Clubs can also go about it the way that Toronto FC did with Mista. Mista signed for under a million dollars. Clubs with smaller bank accounts don’t have to go after players that demand the world, but players that can produce on the field and make your club a winner, players like Mista can do that. Mista is not an American household name; but Mista is more than deserving of a DP title, just look at his accomplishments before joining MLS.

    The other option for MLS clubs is to do the same as the Columbus Crew. Columbus is all about depth. I will concede that Guillermo Barros Schelotto is a complete steal at $241,250 a season and that its almost impossible to find another player of his quality to sign for as little as he has. My point is that the Crew have choose quantity over quality. They have spread the wealth over the entire roster. They handle injuries or match congestion better than any other MLS club. They have it down to a science.

    So to conclude my rant…NO, MLS isn’t top heavy. MLS hasn’t lost its parity. Clubs all have the same opportunities. It is a matter of what each front office and what they decide to do with the club. The blame can’t be placed on MLS or Garber. MLS is just trying to take the next step, $2.5 Million in total salaries for a club is ridiculous. These changes must be made if MLS wants to compete in CONCACAF Champions League and for respect in general.

  • Sergio
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    No their is still parity. Look at the stats, No MLS team with a DP has ever won the Cup(besides Schelloto becuz he became a DP after they won). And teams like Dallas and San Jose before their recent signing have been pretty strong.

    I like how it is where the whole league is competitive. And besides, all teams have the opportunity to sign a DP.

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    I think with teams like the Red Bulls signing massive players like Marquez and Henry, other teams are feeling at a strong disadvantage now. It is clearly not an equal playing field. To catch up, these teams realize they must also bring in a star of their own. Look for more and more internationals to come into the MLS real soon. The "Beckham effect" will soon dominate the MLS.

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    Suarez - by skill of a few distance our terrific signing and consistent with possibility our terrific participant, yet he relatively desires a striker to play alongside him! Enrique - As you suggested, great fullback interior the attack and the defence! i'm happy we've been given him! Bellamy - an particularly great signing... i'm satisfied we've been given him! He further some %. to the group, which we easily desire as we don't probably have quickly gamers... Even Suarez, is somewhat gradual imo... Downing - yet to make an effect. Adam - He provides a hundred% in each and every adventure. an wonderful signing! a worldwide type midfielder! What am i able to declare greater? Henderson - nevertheless youthful... while he performs interior the midsection, he makes some great passes and he has an wonderful first touch! i've got self assurance he could be the subsequent Stevie G! Carroll - He confirmed that he's a competent participant at Newcastle, while he grew to become into in form, so i've got self assurance he gets back in form quickly. even although, 35 Million? an identical fee of Sergio Aguero? Comeon! relatively?!?!

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  • Anonymous
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    its too early to say, but i think there is still parity. i think because of the nature of international soccer, there are always so many players out there. the team with the best talent scouts will have better long term success than the team that sign the highest profile DPs. at least for now.

  • Anonymous
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    I want a finer balance.

    Honestly, I DO want some superstars in MLS, and it wouldn't bother me if a real rivalry stepped up as well. Such as LA vs. NY.

    But I DON'T want that to take over the league like it does in baseball. Where you know going into the season that if you are a Kansas City Royals fan, you have NO CHANCE of winning the World Series.

    Baseball was my first love, but that fact has honestly killed a lot of my desire to follow it.

    So I'm hoping for that fine line where a team like LA takes over as a star studded team, but are vulnerable enough that every season anyone can take them out if they play well enough.

  • Anonymous
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    its rediculous that it is getting top heavy..... it bothers me especially because being from new england there is always a rivalry with new york because it is so competetitive, Sox and Yankees, Bruins and Rangers/islanders (whatever its hockey i dont care), Revs and NYRB, Patriots and Jets. But it is always competetitive, whats the fun if your team is going to lose by around 4 everygame to them? it isnt fun.

    one of the major problems for some teams (and by some teams i mean the revolution) is that the owners are too cheap to think about spending money on well known DP's, Bob Kraft came out and said that he doesnt want to get anybody notable because if they get injured in one of the first few games then thats his money going down the drain and he doesnt want to take that risk on a soccer game.

    In Conclusion, its better with most teams having a chance to win, makes it more competetitive, more fun to watch as a fan, and it gives a chance for american players without those dominating players there.

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    Well I will answer this from my own experience.. The MLS has always been a competitive soccer league, hard to get into. But I like the way it currently is, its best with American players in it to see soccer grow in itself in the USA.. But i have nothing against others like Henry joining.

  • Anonymous
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    Don't worry about the top heavy side of this Arlene you know your MLS so keep up the good work girl

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    nope ??

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