What is the psychology meaning of a baby sucking on his thumb?

I know probably half of the time babies do it bc they're hungry, but i heard there's some psychological reason behind it as well. Do they feel lonely or is there another reason?

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    1 decade ago
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    There are a lot of theories, the one that makes me wonder the most being that a baby who has free access to the breast won't thumbsuck, but it happens naturally and I don't think they do it because they're feeling lonely. I mean, I was carrying my son around today, baby wearing him so he was right there, and he sucked his thumb while I was. He wasn't hungry, I had fed him just a little while earlier. He wasn't bored, he was fascinated with the world and then had curled his head in against me because he was getting overwhelmed. It just seemed to be a way for him to comfort himself.

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    Because they're hungry? No....

    My son is a thumbsucker and he does it all the time, hungry or not. Some babies/kids are just comforted by sucking... it's natural.

    As another person said, I also have an ultrasound picture at 12 weeks AND 19 weeks where you can see that my son is very obviously sucking his thumb in utero...

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    returned in the day, Freud reported that toddlers' erotic (this does not inevitably mean sexual in the customary experience- Freud concept-approximately all skill as coming from Eros) thoughts based around their mouths, and that sucking (had to get foodstuff) filled particular needs. If the baby did no longer get sufficient delight from nursing, the baby would desire to suck its thumb, suck on blankets, etc with a view to fulfill those needs. he called this the "oral point," which became observed by potential of anal (lavatory preparation), Oedipal (i desire to marry my mommy/ daddy), latency (women have cooties! Boys are icky!) and genital (women! Boys!). If each and each point did no longer come to a determination perfect, the person would desire to tutor signs and indications of the unresolved point: oral point fixations would desire to contain over-ingesting, smoking, etc; anal people would desire to be overly neat, tidy and inflexible (or conversely, grimy or hoarders). maximum persons decrease cost those techniques now, yet they nevertheless linger.

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    I'd say because it reminds them of breastfeeding and the mother gives them a safe feeling but my first ultrasound I could see my son sucking his thumbs.. hmm I'm currious to see what answers you get.

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  • 1 decade ago

    babies are comforted by being held at the bosom of their mother and sucking on her breast. sucking the thumb is a comfort because it is like being breast fed, so many kids and adults suck their thumbs for the comfort it gives.

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