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hope asked in HealthMental Health · 9 years ago

Is there anywhere to go but not hospital? UK only?

I recently went to take an overdose and the crisis team were involved and wanted to put me in hospital. I eventually gave up my tablets and was allowed to stay at home. Nothing has changed since then, I have been discharged from the crisis team and onto the recovery team but due to my self destructive behaviour I am going down hill again. I wonder if I had gone into hospital I would be getting the help I need. Is there anywhere else in the UK where I could go to seek treatment like a hospital but not a mental health ward as they wont put me in there as I am not a danger? I am 26 and I just want to get better. Any info, contact details of places would be helpful


I have already spent a year with the mental health team and a further year in NHS therapy but nothing is helping.

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  • SH2007
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    9 years ago
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    Hi Hope,

    It is unlikely you would have been given any better treatment in hospital either. unfortunately many people (including myself once) think in hospital they will receive more in depth treatment but this is not the case. Hospital is basically a holding ground for you until they believe it is safe enough to let you return home and you are not a danger to yourself. When in hospital you may only get to speak to a nurse for 20 minutes each day (if they are not too busy) but that is really all. You will see your psychiatrist once a week but on them times its really just to see if you are ready to be discharged. Other than that you are just eating and sleeping there, being observed by staff and in an environment were you are hopefully safe from self harm. There may be occupational therapies like arts and crafts available during the day but not really therapy as in counselling. some facilities may offer group counselling or relation classes etc but this is not the case in the majority of hospitals/units/wards for mental health in the uk.

    I could be wrong but I think you suffer from BPD? As I think you have said in the past. There are clinics esp for it in england if you check it out online but you either have to be referred there (usually extreme cases) or pay privately perhaps. There really isn't a great deal of help out there, I am paying privately to see a counsellor at the moment for extra support, perhaps this is an option for you. You could also look up community voluntary organisations for mental health such as rethink who offer services for free.

    I really hope you get the help you deserve, I know how it feels to be so low, I am going through a hard time myself right now.

    best wishes

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    I have just spent two weeks in a pyciatric hosital as an inpatient following an overdose and suicidal thoughts, they really arent nice places and not much therapy of any description goes on. You might get too see a DR once or twice a week if your lucky, I beleive you should only be therr if you really need to. Treatment in the community is better, Their are private pyciatric hospitals but they are expensive and local helath authoriaties will rarely fund treatment. I would go back to your GP and get them to refer you to your Community Mental Health Team. You need to adress your issues and work out why you feel suicidal. You may benefit from a Pycotherapist or Counsellor which can be provided on the NHS

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This is a very difficult situation for you. There is nowhere they do put people in your position other then a mental health ward. You said you would not be placed there as you are not a danger but people are put there if they are a danger to themselves and it really does sound like you may be. I think you are so brave to acknowledge you need help and not resort to self harming. You are very strong. You need to get in touch with the crisis team again and tell them that you are in crisis. If you do not have their direct number then tell the recovery team. You were discharged to quickly from the crisis team and you still need their help and assistance. They may suggest you spend some time in a ward and if so it is worth giving it a go just to see if you feel any different. Please do not suffer alone in this and tell them as soon as you can and explain how unsafe you feel and that you feel you may harm yourself if left alone. I wish you every luck with this.

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    ask social services for a community care assessment as soon as possible,there are other possibilities if are not definitely sectionable.

    sister used to work for one such organisation years ago,called creative support-they have group homes which are designed for varying levels of MH and support needs,they werent residential but were based in the community so did not look different to a regular house and area,they were not secure and were not designed to keep people locked inside,but she worked with people who had severe mental illnesses,and they only ever ended up in hospital from there,when they were accutely sectionable.

    they always aimed to move people on after a certain limit-after the person has been stabilised, and supported back into their life,or onto other similar places if they had needed it.

    the only thing is,they were a manchester only org [this may have changed since], but will find organisations and companies all over the country like this.

    will need to get assessed by SS so woud recommend contacting the SS mental health team as soon as tomorrow even to get it all started.

    there is also theraputic residential care for mental illness,which is more secure and supportive than the sort of homes sister worked for,it all depends on what the social services come back with as to how accute and long term the needs they see,but make sure someone else is with self during whenever they visit to do assessment,and that they are clearly told how bad it is with coping.

    if are already under SS support,ask them about different living options for the needs have currently got,

    this might mean having another assessment,but everyone in the UK is allowed them by law from what have read on disability forums before.

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  • My mum works in medicine, and she said that what you can do is if you need the medication to help with your mental state/well being but have overdosed in the past is go see your GP once a week - you'll have to tell the GP this, but what the GP can do is only give you a week's worth of medication at a time so you can't overdose but are still getting the benefits from taking the meds.

    Also she said it's better for you to be around people who support you and will create a happy environment to be in (it helps you from going down hill when you are in a positive environment with support from friends/family etc)

    And just another thought, I'm Muslim, and if you need any support we will be more than happy to help you, it doesn't matter what part of the country you're in, you can just pop-in to your local mosque and someone will help (don't worry, we don't do any preachy stuff, it's just nice to help people [muslim or non-Muslim] when they need it).

    [If you live in norfolk, east anglia, you could come to my mosque in the University of East Anglia (UEA) norwich, coz I know there are always people down here that can help] Plus it's Ramadan at the moment, so the mosque will be packed and most mosques give out free evening meals during ramadan, so you could just come and get a free curry with some company of other people :D

    If you need to talk you can email me at: greendiamond23@yahoo.co.uk

    [there's no pressure, but if you do want to talk you might need to retell me your story incase I forget :D]

    Source(s): Try to be around family and friends (and try to do fun activities) to keep you in positive state of mind :D Hope this helps!
  • Carl
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    9 years ago

    Yes , but you'd better be prepared to spend a lot of dosh for a one night stay .The Priory charges hundreds of pounds per day so i'm led to believe !

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A Buddhist monestary

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