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R&P: Favorite 2001 album from the Big Three of German thrash?

Your choices are Destruction's The Antichrist, Sodom's M-16 and Kreator's Violent Revolution.

Personally for me, it's a tie between The Antichrist and M-16. The Antichrist is a spectacular riff-fest and shows Schmier with some absolutely killer vocals. M-16 is another killer album, and contains (for me at least) some of the most memorable songs in thrash metal (Among the Weirdcong, Little Boy, the title track, etc). Not to put down Violent Revolution, as it is a very effective mix of thrash metal and melodic metal, but I find myself reaching for The Antichrist and M-16 more often.

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    I'm a big Sodom fan so I'll have to say Sodom's M-16. But it's true, my favorite among the three. I AM THE WAR!

    Kreator's Violent Revolation is really good as well. I really like the title track.

    Destruction's The Antichrist is a riff-fest as you rightfully put it, but some of the songs/lyrics are a cheese-fest.

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    Kreator - Violent Revolution, no one has a voice like Mille.

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