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Synonyms for the word "fat"?

So ok theres some chicks my school who are saying to me:

"Hey fat!"

"There comes Phat!"

"Oh look its the rhino"

And yeah I know its mean and They arenot kidding bc they would have said so...

&& actually I'm not exaggerating but they ARE fatter than me. Fact.

They weigh like 170 ilbs and I weigh 130 ilbs. Fact.

WHat can I say to them when I see them?

Don't Give me BS that ----"I should respect others, as others will respect you."---- kinda crap.

I'm not in kindergarden. I'mma deal with this the way it should be. I respect and treat people the way I am treated and respected. Word.

So like I was thinking to say

"Hey Obese!"

Help Guys. Hear me out please!

Btw these chicks WERE my friends. But after some drama happened they started to hate me and stuff so basically we ended up as


Thanks for the help in advanced guys!


Yeah && Please don't tell me how to live my life. I needa stick up for my self. I am a person too btw.

Thanks for the support guys!

You all amaze me with our help xD

Update 2:

Neenee's answer is so funny. Sorry had to state that. Word.

But I can't fight them... Only because its the 2nd day of school! I dont wanna get suspended already haha

Update 3:

Btw again these b*tches are best friends....

So its 2 against one here.

Should I bring my best friend for help?

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    Say something like...

    OMG someone call the RSPCA we've got 5 (change the number) beached whales over here AND THEY'RE TALKING!


    P.O look who's talking.


    Seriously? Coming from you? (then laugh)

    General names, I think, don't really "work" so maybe these will help.

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    "What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk? Beat the shitttt out of those motherfuckkkers! But Dont Say "Hey Obese" Thats Lame. Lmaoo Funnie. "Hey Obese" lmaoo!! But anways just snap on them and say stuff like.. "Shut the ****** up was i talking to you? Dammnnn. Keep Flappin Your Gums And See Where Thats gon' Getcha Bitchhhh! Dont Know Who The ****** You Think You Talking To, Tryna Call Me "Rhino Nd Shitttt" WHat The ****** is thatt? Im Not A Goddammmn Rino.! So Yuu Cannn Shut The ****** Upp and Quitt Talking Shiitt Before Your Dumb Assxes Get Jumped. Okaii? Good.and I aint even playin' if you try and call me "fat" again we gon' see. We gonn see where your dumb assx ends up. *****! Your Dissmissed. And I dont know What The Hell Yu've Got Agaisnt Me Calling Me Fat nd Shidd. Pshh. Yall Nickras Fake As Hell. Get A Life, Puhh-Lease, Because I Dnt Have Time For Shidttt Likee This. Mkaii? Mkay Bye.!" Then Politley Walk away.

    But dont say "nickras if there white.

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    El Gordo or La Gorda for chicks

    Obi Wan Fat A$$

    Lotta Butt ( and her sister Whole Lotta )

    Mountain Girl

    Ton a fun

    Lard A$$

    Here's a joke. Women hate it. How do you make 5 pounds of fat attractive?

    Put a nipple on it.

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    Well, just tell them that you don't care for fat and ugly people's opinions .

    And since they were you friends , tell them "I thought you people were good, turns out you guys are just fat retarded and self-centered *******...

    And well , I hope that helps, but don't get in a cat fight [:

    You'll regret it trust me .. I've tried it ... didn't work out well .

    So anyways, Hope that helped .

    And screw them ;)

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  • bovine, gargantuan, rotund, elephantine, corpulent, blimp, ponderous, and oleaginous are all synonyms for 'fat'.

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