Which star is the star of Bethlehem i cant seem to find it in the night sky.?

has it another name

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    Star of Bethlehem, name given to the luminous celestial object rising in the sky that, as related in the Gospel of Matthew, led the Wise Men of the East to the manger in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. According to astronomers, the phenomenon may represent the conjunction of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, or the appearance of a nova or a comet

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    You have to be in Bethlehem to see it. It's right there in Manger Square, about 30 feet up. You can even see it in the daytime, although it's not on then. (They have it on a timer, I think.)

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    Not to be the barer of bad news, or light (haha get it its a pun on lucifer) But jesus isnt real and never existed, sorry champ. Google the proof ;P

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    Look up, its the second one to the left I think.

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    maybe it fell.... or maybe god just put it there an then took it way

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    nobody knows...IT WAS DONE FOR GUIDANCE.

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