3 tarot card interpretation? tarot readers?

My question was " Will the situation manifest in the way that I was told?"

Card 1- eight of wands reversed

Card 2- four of cups

Card 3- High priestess reversed

Based on the outcome i would say that the spread is trying to tell me that even though I'm confused, more will be revealed soon?? but obviously thats just what I want to hear lol :-) so I would like your opinions because I'm not really sure how to tie all the cards together.

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    I'm presuming you have drawn the "past, present, future" 3-card spread, and that card 1 is in the position of past. Otherwise, this probably is going to be all bass-ackwards.

    4 Cups (present) shows your disatisfaction. You are focusing too much on what you don't have of instead of looking at what you do.

    8 Wands (past) suggests things were moving too slow for you. You weren't receiving the messages fast enough or of the right type. This is what has lead to the present (4 Cups) position of "stagnation".

    High Priestess (future) is suggesting you will not get "assistance from a higher source" — the future isn't going to be interfered with by outside forces.

    The spread appears to be saying that "what will be, will be" and that sitting around mulling over the situation constantly, isn't going to change a single thing. An old adage I once heard was "you can't push a river", and this is what I am getting from your spread. It appears you want an answer NOW, but the cards (IMO) are saying "leave well enough alone". In other words, the situation will resolve itself when the time is right, and not one minute before.

    On a separate note, when I do a reading and the cards are a little confusing, I will often pick (in this instance) a fourth card and cross the previous three with it. The fourth card being to "tie" the previous three together and shed more clarity on the answer.

    Hope that helps.

    In lak'ech

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    5 years ago

    Razor please learn a little before using your potty mouth. I call the eight of wands reversed running on ice, and not getting far. Feelings of being pushed or hurried, yet, the pace will not create results. You may feel overwhelmed by the pace of events. Theft could manifest, or lost of job. Expect delays, setbacks, or plans canceled. Because you are feeling unsettled, you may withdraw (4 of cups). Things feel stale or unsatisfying. This is a time where the cards suggest that you reassess your situation. The problem with this is that you may not see much good in the whole situation and be willing to throw too much away. The 4 of cups encourages you not to rush, to slow down, and ponder on the situation before taking action. To top things up, the High Priestess Reversed needs to bring to your attention about also to look after you. You may be so preoccupied with the duties of your external life that you don't leave enough time for yourself. Your unconscious is trying to tell you something but you are unwilling at this time to receive. More information may need to be uncovered, before making a decision. You may be feeling emotionally sensitive or need to deals with someone who is highly overwrought. Your strong sexual desires may impair your judgment. Don't say yes when you mean no.

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    Did you use specific postions for the three cards (like past, present, future?). If you did, the last card is telling you that you don't have all the information at this point in time to know if it will or not.

    It seems to still be in flux. Nothing is settled.

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    Stop reading tarot cards. Stay away from tarot cards. If you have any, throw them away.

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