Should I be concerned about Lymes?

I went to a resort about 3 weeks ago and we did a lot of swimming, boating, outdoor stuff, etc. I got some kind of bite on my leg while I was there. I thought it was a misquito but I could be wrong I guess. Anyways, this bite got HUGE, painful, very itchy, hot to touch - and that lasted about 1.5-2 weeks. Now the bump has faded and it looks like a bruise with a scaly patch in the middle. The thing that got me wondering is that since then my legs have hurt, joint and muscle pain, and overall fatigue. What do you think? Thanks in advance!

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  • 1 decade ago

    that looks like a bee sting or maybe it could be some sort of jellyfish sting i dont know where you went on vacation

    if it were lymes it would look like this

    if you do get that outer ring its definately lyme disease and you should go to the doctor for medication. if you go within like the first month you will 100% recover and shouold not be worried... if you put going to the doctor off, your recovery will be slower and it will be very very painful

    i knew a person that didnt know they had lymes and had very bad joint pain and kind of the samwe symptoms as you. he didnt go to the doctor for a while and he was recovering for about a year, but eventually did.

    it a very curable disease, and medicines for it are very good as well. Ive had it twice myself and as soon as i saw the red ring, i went to the docotr and fully recovered...

    if it were lymes, youn wouldnt get joint pain this quick, and the bite wouldnt be hot to the touch. it definately sounds more like a bee sting

    also, these bullseyes would appear in other areas of your bodies, but they do eventually go away. people assume that since these rings go away the disease is gone BUT IT ISNT make sure you go to the doctor asap if you see these. this is the reason people die from this disease. the rings go away and they never go to the doctor. however, terminal cases are usually in old people who blame joint pain on arthritis and triedness on just being old. if these symptoims continue for another couple weeks definately go to the doctor.

  • 1 decade ago

    it could be a number of conditions transmitted by insects - have you been to the dr

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