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Is it too late to save the world---goaded by human ignorance, greed, & zealotry---from unprecedented disaster?


Can an impending socio-political disaster, with unprecedented environmental consequences and countless human/animal casualties, be averted? ... Can We find a way, before our collective madness escalates into an unparalleled catastrophe?

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    We could, but it would take a complete and total paradigm shift. I think if we could just find a cure for apathy, we could recover.

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  • 10 years ago

    It may be...both for the world itself and its chief predator--mankind. We may have a few decades left before we overspecialize ourselves out of existence, but we may be taking the planet with us. Our president was my great hope that we might find a way, but I think he is up against forces with unmatched power. He alone can't battle it, and if you read the press of those drinking tea these days, too many of our kind have no clue about what you are talking.


    Beautiful P'quaint, I wish you lived next door. Your aura would be good for this city.

    I have a book that is one of my all-time treasures...those select volumes occupy a special place in a rosewood bookshelf in this room where I am now--and where I spend so much of my free time.

    The book is called _The King and the Corpse, Tales of the Soul's Conquest of Evil_, by Heinrich Zimmer (edited by Joseph Campbell, who was our foremost contemporary mythologist).

    Zimmer was an Indologist, and his focus was Indian art and mythology, as well as philosophies of India. He was convinced that religious images were more than just statues and paint on canvas. They were iconic, and had sacred significance that served as a conduit to psychic transformation.

    Anyway, in this volume is a segment called "Four Episodes from the Romance of the Goddess." It is part of the epic tale of how Shiva comes to take Sati (and later Parvati, who is a later incarnation of Sati, as of course you know) as his wife, and tells all the turmoil and contemplation, lust and peace, that preceded that event and followed it. The Brahma/Shiva/ Visnu godhead, that enfolds all the mysteries of the universe, takes creation and destruction in stride in a way that is difficult for mortals.

    Here is one excerpt from this truly divine book:

    "The course of the world runs awry, but therewith it goes directly to its goal. The catastrophe of the previously unforeseen is what breaks the world progression forward, and the moment the catastrophe has come to pass it appears to be what was intended all the while. For it is creative in a deeper way than the planning creative spirit supposes. It transforms the situation, forces an alteration on the creative spirit, and throws it into a play that carries it beyond itself, carries it, that is to say, really and properly into play, and into a play that entrains the entirety of creation. The planner, the watcher, is compelled to become the endurer, the sufferer. Such a metamorphsis into the opposite, into the absolutely alien, is what throws the knots that reticulate the net of the living whole and mesh the individual alive into the fabric." (p. 259, second edition, second printing, 1973)

    Isn't that wonderful? It is the epitome of mystery, it is the wheel of life, ever turning, and each turn is both renewal and destruction.

    But like those who fought and scrambled and played out their destiny in the Mahabharata, it is the same today. I don't think that any of us really knows our own destiny, in the sense that things can change in the blink of an eye. And I certainly cannot claim to know the outcome of what will happen on this remarkable organism called Earth. But I fear for its health; inasmuch as it is a living being, we are a cancer. In some cases, cancers can be reversed, placed into remission. In others, the damage already done is too great...

    Source(s): The King and The Corpse, Bollingen Series XI; Heinrich Zimmer, edited by Joseph Campbell. Princeton University Press
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  • 10 years ago

    The world has always been like this? Your right, the human nature is filled with greed and war lust, but people seem to think that this stuff just started appearing in the modern world. It hasn't. We've acted the same for at least 6,000 years, and will probably continue to do so unless some social organization completely screws us into autonomous bots.

    What makes you think it's getting worse? Are we burning and pillaging villages like medieval Europe has done? I don't remember any recent biological warfare to wipe out a nuisance (Settlers in the Americas vs. Indians)

    Although all this greed and war stuff is starting to get on my nerves, it's human nature. Realistically, it's probably not going to change.

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  • 10 years ago

    Wheel of Fortune keeps it has been since ages...but not without extracting a price!!!

    It takes a few sacrifices...always was and so will be.

    The battle between Good and Evil goes on and every Age and Era. Subjects may change but objects remain the same.

    Today's 'Evolved' Man is no different from the primitive one, if you look closely!

    But, no need to look so disheartened :) So long as there are those who can bring up such long as there are those who can read and understand...there's hope...of Action, a corrective action!!!

    Edit: Thank you, Laholly! This book sure seems a treasure house of sorts...And you, dear Lady, one learned person with hunger for more :) I like your open-mindedness and willingness to imbibe knowledge from different sources...I guess that promotes 'independent' thinking by introducing us to contrasting views.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yep, probably! We have predatory corporations that have co-opted governments and turned government into a predatory entity as well, and they were quite predatory to begin with!

    If you want to have any idea of what's going on you have to know about the economics. After all, money makes the world go round. Yet most people have no idea what a derivative is (including me probably). Most people never consider whether these financial instruments are intrinsically ethical or even safe in the first place! They never consider their fundamental effect on the economy. Most people know nothing about the financial crime that is never even investigated. Wachovia laundered billions in drug money and got a silly little slap on the wrist in return! The mainstream media is superficial and lightweight. There is so little news in the actual "news"! So few actual quanta of information. They fill the void with DUMB opinion!

    If you transact with other people you are taxed on it. If you work you are taxed. If you use electricity you are taxed. If you eat what someone produced you are taxed. Taxation is simply an exercise in transferring money from your account into the bank's account. The government is simply the go between. The only way to stop feeding the system is to be as self sufficient as possible.

    The real economy is sacrificed to in order to inflate the "landlord economy". It's hard to be self sufficient when you can't afford the land in the first place. Houses cost a fortune because of the price of land. The buildings deteriorate yet somehow they appreciate in value?!?

    All those sub-prime mortgages were handed out by the large banks because they knew in advance that they were going to be sold on to the state as part of the bailout. They created worthless "toxic waste" (industry terminology) debts because they knew in advance that THEIR men in the government were gonna nationalise it later on. They knew in advance that the debt was gonna be paid through general taxation. THERE WAS NO INCENTIVE NOT TO SELL SUB-PRIME MORTGAGES. This is just one of the many deliberate scams that will never be properly investigated and is rarely reported. None of the Nobel prize winning economists ever factored CRIME into their models!

    I see the rise of China and some kind of WW3 over the horizon. Did we learn the lessons of WW2? NO. Most of the lessons of WW2 are not even being taught. WW2 history has been politicised like everything else.

    Source(s): ...and let's not even get started on the ecology and out toxic future!
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  • 10 years ago

    My most fervent hope is that disaster CANNOT be averted. I believe that the worst fate that could befall us is that we continue to muddle through, too numerous to be secure, too secure too change our ways.

    A proper disaster of dare I say biblical proportions would do us all a power of good - notably by getting rid of many of us.

    Such an event would open up many new opportunities for life as a whole, and if there are any human survivors, I dare say it would bring out the best in them.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Interesting Question.. Even More interesting Answers..

    From Denial to Nihilism, ...

    First to Dave who asks.. "Are we burning Villages as we did in medieval times"?

    Actually its worse now than it ever has been. We've moved well beyond the initial technologies of fire and iron. As we sit and type our thoughtful responses, Drone planes fly over swaths of Southeast Asia indiscriminately bombing "targets", flown remotely by video game trained 22 year olds in Los Alamos and Stewart Air force base. Completely disconnected from the lives that are changed and ruined forever, oblivious to the effects of their afternoon sessions... "A war on Terror using Terror" or a "Perpetual war for perpetual peace" Not for freedom or to fend off an oppressor... rather to protect American "Interests"

    Sorry Dave at least in the Dark Ages you knew why they were coming, now you are born into their waiting arms.

    Then To Kelly who thinks that if we could address our "Apathy"... Hard to address something that is forced on you almost from birth, especially in the United States. Here it isn't called Apathy it's called "Supporting the Troops" and "Free Market spirit" ... Our apathy in this country is engendered early on that's why so few Americans turn out to vote.. disenfranchised they somehow recognize that the One Party system with Two Factions no Longer represents them, but are powerless to change or affect it. We are all much to busy making sure our utility bill and Insurance checks are mailed out on time.

    Kelly knows about this as much as anyone.. knows that it was installed before she was born and yet, admirably is still willing to shoulder the blame... It's not our faults at all Kelly.

    Then to the people who say the "Earth Will Still be here"... if we as a species are destroyed how would we know if the Earth had survived, and are your lives so empty and lost that you are ready to leave it behind without a whimper; and the best you can muster is "The earth was here before us and it will be here after I'm gone"?

    I don't think I saw one answer that felt the way that I do and that is...

    Yes it is too late, to late for the world as we know it now to continue.. we will overpopulate, we will run out of water, we will burn up in ever increasing heat, we will we will we will.. as long as we allow the banks, the petrol fascists and The religiously intolerant to lead we are doomed...

    However if we toss out the current system of profit over everything and work our way back to a more communal and forward thinking culture we have a chance at sustainability. We already have the technologies to advance if we just stop using them first for Killing. We have the ability to feed everyone if we stop only feeding those that can afford the current system of meat and waste...

    All of this is possible... but it may be the "Disaster" that allows us to reorient.

    Ponderous man...Really Ponderous.

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  • 10 years ago

    The world itself will survive — we've got several billion years to go before the sun becomes a red giant and envelopes the Earth, searing everything on the planet; and I'm pretty sure the human species will survive but given our propensity to poison our environment, genetically modify our food without knowing the long-term results of those modifications, and the capacity for sheer maliciousness demonstrated by political and religious zealots, I have no doubt but that the Earth's population is going to be reduced by 90 or 95 percent in the not very distant future and humans will be primarily responsible for that reduction.

    For as intelligent a species as we are, humans are not very smart.

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  • 10 years ago

    Late, yes.

    Too late, no.

    If you look at history and how the various worlds, or civilizations, have ended in the past you will see a recurring pattern.

    What we need the most is to retain all of our knowledge. Instead of letting it be destroyed by dictators who depend on ignorance for their power base.

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  • 10 years ago

    Nope, I've read the end of the book, the world (as we know it) will melt away in a fervent heat (more than AL's global warming...), and there will be a NEW Heaven and a NEW Earth, for the old heaven and the old Earth will have passed away....

    Source(s): 2 Peter 3:10-12
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  • 10 years ago

    If more people thought the way you do, it is never too late to save the world.

    Peace and God Bless!

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