What is the funniest name you've heard for a town(10pts)?

10 pts for the funniest.^v^


Mary S I've heard of toad suck,AR I was born Memphis, and it's close to AR, good one!

And I've heard of Bald knob, but I thought it was in TN, who knows there might be 2, I guess I'll look it up...

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    Kentucky (KY)

    - Hell For Certain

    - Monkey's Eyebrow

    - Poverty

    Maine (ME)

    - Bald Head

    - Cancer Hill

    - Deadman's Corner

    Marshall Islands (MH)

    - ****

    Maryland (MD)

    - Accident - (This city was most likely named in the back seat of a car)

    - Boring - (Exciting place)

    Massachusetts (MA)

    - Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Lake - (Translated: "Englishmen at Manchaug at the Fishing Place at the Boundary")

    - Cuttyhunk

    - ****** Hill - (Um...)

    - Gay Head

    - The X

    - Tree of Knowledge Corner

    Michigan (MI)

    - Corpse Pond - (A lovely place.)

    - Dick

    - Gay

    - Hell

    - Nirvana

    - Paradise

    - Wic-A-Te-Wah

    Mississippi (MS)

    - Kokomo

    - Money

    - Pluto

    - Why not

    - Yazoo

    Missouri (MO)

    - Conception

    - Defiance

    - Doolittle

    - Frankenstein - (Pronounced: Fronk-en-steen)

    Montana (MT)

    - Lolo - (Didn't they make a videogame about this?)

    - Square Butt

    - Two Dot

    - Yaak

    Nevada (NV)

    - Massacre Lake

    - Winnemucca

    New Hampshire (NH)

    - Hell Hollow - (Well isn't that inviting?)

    - Noone

    New Jersey (NJ)

    - Dicktown

    - Double Trouble

    - Ho-Ho-Kus

    - Love Ladies

    - Wyckoff

    New Mexico (NM)

    - Elephant Butt Estates

    - Lesbian

    - Loving

    - Old Moses

    - Truth Or Consequences - (Is that anything like truth or dare?)

    - Twin Buttes

    New York (NY)

    - Horse heads

    - Kill Buck

    - Never sink

    - Perfection

    - Tuckahoe

    North Carolina (NC)

    - Big Butt

    - Big Lick

    - Chocowinity

    - Coinjock

    - Gay

    - Kill Devil Hills

    - Poor Town

    - Whynot

    Ohio (OH)

    - Ai - (They're only artificially intelligent.)

    - Angel

    - Bloody Corners

    - Liars Corner

    - Pussy Creek (I'll bet it gets wet a lot.)

    Oklahoma (OK)

    - Bushyhead

    - Hooker

    - Non

    - Nowata (But, I'm thirsty!)

    - Nowhere

    - Okay

    - The Holy City

    Oregon (OR)

    - Bend Over

    - Deadwood (Viagra can help this)

    - Druggs Creek - (Nothing illegal here officer.)

    - Idiot Creek

    - Zigzag

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    Climax Springs, Missouri

    Bald Knob, Arkansas

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    Crapo, Maryland

    Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada

  • Jess
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    1 decade ago

    Willacoochie, Georgia

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    1 decade ago

    oh my god... there was this one incident where we were studying history in my class ages ago... and i never forgot that there were two specific areas right next to each other (I think they were in England) and it was both ironic and very humorous to me and my neighboring classmates because we noticed that one was similar to "sir lot-hair" or "sir bald-a-lot" ( I totally don't remember what the names were ), and those areas were close to each other... I even think they were owned by a bald man and man with hair except switched around... dam(nit i can't remember the names... this is going to kill me now.. if anyone can help me find this or remember it, i will find some way to reward you!

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  • Anonymous
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    Boring, OR

    Embarrass, WI

    Hazard, KY

    Peculiar, MO

  • Chilliwack

  • 1 decade ago

    Assloss - Scotland

    Boing Boing - NT, Aus

    Cock Wash - Aus

    Eggs and Bacon Bay - Aus

    Pimpinbudgie - Aus

    Now where else - Aus

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