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誰能幫我重組句子?? 很急.半個小時後要上課!!

1.because I had to run restaurant oder the the had of all other tuna out seafood.

2.France, are Italy. from from curries are India, and spaghetti is Crepes

3.are them Kebabs often but you also make made with with shimp. can lamb,

4.water you won't onion in so If cut much. it' you put an cry before you Is to a hot instead pot with have of beef better lamb? or tuna

6.I We were had instead. beef to pork, so of use out

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    The odor of tuna had all out, because I had to run the other seafood restaurant.


    Spaghetti is from Italy, curries are from India and Crepes are France.


    Kebabs are often made with lamb, but you also can make them with shrimp.


    If you put an onion in water before you cut it, so you won’t cry much.


    Is it better to have a hot pot with beef or lamb instead of tuna?


    We were out of beef, so I had to use pork instead.

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