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What do you need to know alot of to become a Environmental Engineer?

Im considering Majoring in 'Environmental Resource Engineering' but doing my research on it 1st.

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    As with any engineering you will need to have a solid math foundation. Environmental Engineering at my University has three maths units that need to be completed. There is also a lot of maths used within the other units.

    You don't really need to know a lot about anything before you start though. That is the purpose of the degree. To learn.

    Some of the other units in Environmental Engineering include:

    Engineering problem solving


    Stress Analysis



    Soil Science


    Environmental Technology

    Spatial Science

    And many many more... As I said before though, you will struggle with any field of engineering if your math skills aren't very good.

    Good luck with your studies!

    Source(s): Currently studying Electrical Engineering
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    You have to be strong in Fluid statics and dynamics, irrigation facilities, Soil & Foundation Engg.

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    check out this wikipedia article:

    good luck to you!

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