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Some product that moms would like to have to make easier taking care of her babies?

I am making a product for moms, it has to help them about taking care of their babies. OR, some product for babies secure! It is a university project. Thanks!

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    If it doesn't have to be something new and can already be invented I would say the hooter hider a.k.a. a nursing shawl or the boys pee pee cup that you put over his private part while changing him so he doesn't pee on you. I hope this helps a little I can't think of anything new other than a robot lol um maybe some sort of wipe that is portable and is a "wipe all" it can come with a wipe that you use with a solution that is safe to use on binkys toys tables a restaurants and all sorts of stuff. Its the only thing I can think of :)

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