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Special Needs Adult living in Dallas, Texas?

My boyfriend has a younger brother who is 22 and has a very low IQ, bordering mental retardation. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, asperger's syndrome, and turrets. He is afraid to work and has only had one job in the past, which he got fired from. He lives at home with his dad, and desperately needs to be able to support himself, since his father is planning on selling his house and "kicking him out."

He needs to be able to live on his own in a place where he can be attended to, since he does have special needs. Are there any communities or apartment complexes like this in Texas? and if so, how do you qualify to live there, and is there financial support available?

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    Not entirely sure how easy it is to find something like this, but I did come across Community Options, Inc which is a non-profit dedicated to finding housing and employment opportunities for adults with special needs.

    Not sure if it's what you're looking for but the website is:

    Here's the information for their Dallas Office:

    8604 Greenville Ave, Suite 100

    Dallas, TX 75243

    Ph: (972) 503-3901

    Fax: (972) 503-3898

    Jeni Greene - Executive director


    Best of luck,


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    You could think about getting him a caregiver from a company such as Visiting Angels so he could still live by himself in his own home and can be tended to.

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