Do you have to use the box United States Postal Service gives you?

I was wondering if I had to use the boxes the USPS gave you when I was going to send a package? Or could I buy my card board box and put the items in and send it that way?

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    You can always use your own box, but if you want the flat-rate shipping service, you have to use the special flat-rate boxes that USPS supplies at no cost.

    If you have a regular Priority Mail box and not a flat-rate box, you can only ship by Priority Mail. Using your own box would allow you to ship by cheaper 1st class or Parcel Post. Just be aware that with Parcel Post, if the package is not deliverable for some reason, you have to pay the same postage again to get the package back. This return service is free with 1st Class and Priority Mail.

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    You don't need the USPS issued boxes to send a package. You can ship a package with any box you like. Just make sure the box you use is plain brown if shipping international.

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    You can use your own box to send something in. Make sure that it is not bigger then the postal requirements however.

    If you use their prepaid box , it is very costly. A very small box which is their maximum cots $15.00.

    so if you have a lot to send it could cost a fortune.

    Try UPS , you can send 4 times as much for that same $15.00.

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    You can use your own box as long as it meets the shipping standards, the return and shipping addresses are both clearly labeled, and the correct postage is attached.

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