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I need Mac OS X user help, in regards to DMG vs ISO files?!!?

I am currently burning an ISO file on my Windows-based PC for a friend who uses a Mac OS X. I have been searching everywhere and seemingly only coming up with the wrong results.

I have a software that I just built and have converted it to .DMG file for Mac OS X using MagicISO, but the file is too large to burn using MagicISO and I cannot find a "splitter" program for it, nor burn the multisession disk, so I was wondering if a person using a Mac can run an DVD ISO?

If not, does anyone have any suggestions? The DMG file is over 8GB and I need the software to run on Windows-based PC.

Thanks for any help and suggestions!


First I would like to say thanks for your responses.

@Glenn, I wanted to create multiple boot disks for it. I want it to auto-start, rather than the person having to click on a folder, extract then execute. That is a little much, plus I am wanting to publish this software eventually as an auto-start disk.

What software is best to make the ISO disk?

Again, thanks so much.

Update 2:

@ ƃʍɐp ʇıdsuɹnʇ, Thanks so much, is this a setting that I can change to on MagicISO or PowerISO?

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    Mac OS X can handle ISO 9660 discs as well as ISO disk images. There is no need to convert the ISO into DMG.


    DMG is the standard disk image format on Mac OS X. It is not an executable file.


    Sorry, not sure what you mean. I never used Magic Iso. But It might be wise to try and burn the DVD using the Mac. Its on-board disc burning software by default creates a 'hybrid disc' that contains the Mac-specific file system (HFS+) and ISO 9660, too.

    You should also know that there is no auto-start for data discs under Mac OS X. It's been omitted for security reasons, I think.

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  • 4 years ago

    This file format is in the form of a Mac OSX Disk image. You have to convert the .dmg to .iso. the software for converting is given below. Install the software and then convert the disk image and when it is converted to .iso burn it onto a dvd using any burning software like nero,etc.

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  • Glenn
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    DMG files are the Mac version of .exe.. They won't work on a pc. Did you try compressing it using winrar or winzip?

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