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What movie involves an orphan girl trying to escape from a mean lady's home?

I used to watch this movie about 10-12 years ago. So like mid 90's? It was set in 1800's. I know a fat man is eating a banana on a train in the beginning of the movie. Two little orphan girls are brought to a house where a mean lady takes care of them. When they misbehave, they are locked in a closet. The main girl gets locked in a closet after refusing to wear her mother's dress or something. They have trouble escaping because there are many wolves outside the estate. it's winter time!!

I know in another scene, the lady and the fat man are talking and the girls can see and hear them talking by looking through a hole in the wall. I even think in one scene they seek through a crack in the wall that the lady is bald and wears a wig.

I know this description is ALL over the place but I'd love to find the title of this movie. it's killing me!


it is NOT "a little princess" movie!

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    The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1989)

    starring Stephanie Beacham, Mel Smith, Aleks Darowska, Geraldine James, Jane Horrocks, Lynton Dearden, Jonathan Coy, Eleanor David, Richard O'Brien, Emily Hudson review of novel (cannot find movie synopsis):

    Bonnie Green has lived in the lap of luxury in the manor house of Willoughby Chase in the English countryside. Her father, Sir Willoughby, is the richest man for five counties. There is much love in the house, both from her parents and the dedicated household workers. Because Lady Sophia has become ill, her parents are going on a sea voyage to restore her health. Sir Willoughby asks his attorney, Mr. Gripe, to locate a suitable governess, and he recommends one who is Bonnie's fourth cousin once removed, Miss Slighcarp, who arrives the night before the parents leave. To keep Bonnie company, Sir Willoughby has invited her cousin, Sylvia, to stay. Both will be tutored by Miss Slighcarp, who will run the estate. Sylvia is an orphan who has been living with Sir Willoughby's elderly sister, Aunt Jane. They have been barely surviving in genteel poverty, and Aunt Jane makes new clothes for the trip from her curtains. Sylvia has to make a journey by herself on the train. It is freezing cold, and wolves attack the train. One breaks the window and comes into the compartment. Fortunately, fellow passenger Mr. Grimshaw kills the wolf before it can do any damage. Later, he is injured, and Bonnie insists that they bring him to Willoughby Chase for the doctor to examine. As soon as Bonnie's parents leave, strange things start to happen. Most of the servants are dismissed, and Mr. Grimshaw and Miss Slighcarp begin looking through Sir Willoughby's papers, burning some. Miss Slighcarp also starts wearing Lady Sophia's best gowns. When Bonnie complains, she is locked in a closet with only bread and water for food. Worse treatment soon follows.

    Here are the movie trailer and Part 1 on YouTube:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Maybe that will help you decide if this is the correct movie.

    I think the movie takes many liberties with the novel, but I can't find a descriptive review/synopsis to back up my answer.

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    Mommie Dearest

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