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R&P: Do You Like Comic Books?

I do, in fact here is a video I made of My Top 50 Comics characters

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Feel free to comment and rate.

So who are Your favorite Comic characters?

What's your favorite Comic book?

Are there any songs about Comics characters?


DC is mostly inferior Metallica Boy

Update 2:

I cant have a basis for argument there Peaches about the newer stuff since I pretty much stopped reading them in the Mid 90s

However Imo I always though Marvel had the more intelligent storylines

Update 3:


I forgot Hellboy

I adore the Films

Update 4:

No one commented on the fact that though my list has some of the greatest comics heroes ever it also has some of the most heinous villains ever as well

Update 5:

Sunfire's cool

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    I was born in a weird age... first comic book I picked up was Spider-Man something, at the end of the Scarlet Spider saga when Ben Reilly finds out he's the clone and evaporates or something. Then the Ultimates happened, and other than Ultimate Fantastic Four leading into Marvel Zombies I never much cared for the Ultimate series... Fortunately there's been dozens of animated series and video game throwbacks to the original comics during the late 90s, so my Marvel knowledge is pretty decent... At least when it comes to the more mainstream storylines, cuz when you get into the drug-addicted sex-starved psychoses that Alan Moore and Frank Miller created for established superheroes in the 80s it gets kind of annoying

    As for your video, Sunfire>Pyro... but then again, that's just my opinion... and what's up with that trippy picture of Magneto? I like it...

    Favorite comic book characters: Psylocke *drools*, Luke Cage, Deadpool, Colossus, Witchblade, Killer Croc, Scarlet Witch, Harley Quinn, Venom, Multiple Man, Emperor Zod, and The Joker... I don't much care for Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger as the Joker, as far as I'm concerned the best Joker in recorded media is Mark Hamill

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    Favorite Comics: I've been reading the DC Universe Crises and they're pretty intense... and stereotype metalhead response, but Marvel Zombies... although half of Zombies II and Zombies IV were kind of bleh.

    Megadeth - The Punishment Due is about the Punisher... although Holy Wars is about the Ireland conflict, who knows what goes on inside of Dave's mind when he writes songs

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    well, you saw my comments allready to the vid, might as well answer this Q and get the points, lol

    -favourite comic characters (counting mangas, Japanese comics):

    Aludard (Hellsing)

    Lucy (Elfen Lied)

    Full Hallow Ichigo (Bleach)

    Light/Kira (Death Note)

    Clare (Claymore)

    -Fav comic book:

    Death Note

    -songs about comic book charactors:

    Ghost in the Shell by Kadenzza is about the comic book of the same name

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    props to Cigarly for Witchblade

    *hey, the villains are usually the coolest ones, although anti-heros are always kick arsenic. I hate the whole "save everyone" thing

    ***I'll also admit right now, the only American comic book I've ever actually read is Far Side, but I have watched just about every movie adaptation of comic books that's been released in the last ten years

    *****I also can't wait 'till 2011, 2 of the greatest mangas of all time are getting movie adaptations by 2 of the biggest movie directors of all time: Ghost In The Shell by Steven Spielberg, and Battle Angel by James Cameron (Avatar may have sucked dick, but you can't deny it had some awesome visuals. Combine that with a GOOD storyline... awesome that's all I can say)

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    Sorta. I have an Emily the Strange comic and some of the Bone ones (I love Bone; I've read the whole series back in middle school)...but that's about it.

    I've read some pretty random comics at the library across from my school. There was this one (I can't remember the name of it) about this Asian couple and they secretly saw white people behind each others backs or something like that. I remember this one part where the guy was dating this girl who was very weird and took him to a concert with a bunch of unessecarily naked people onstage.

    And my friend showed me this weird communist Superman comic. I wish I could get into Marvel and DC and sh*t like that, but I never know where to start. And I've really got to buy the Scott Pilgrim comics. I'm probably the only person who hasn't read them yet. =(

    I read quite a bit of manga though, does that count? :P

    Favourite characters : Honjou Ren (Nana). Sid Vicious much? I think so:

    Nate Rivers aka Near (Death Note):

    Astro Boy is pretty cool, too. Do I need to put a picture? You know who Astro Boy is, I hope.

    Favourite comic book (manga, for me): Nana. It's kind of cliche...two girls with the same name who are completely different meet up on a train become best friends. But a lot of it follows the story of Nana Osaki's rock band as they try to find fame and crush their rivals, Trapnest. It's very sad at parts, too. I won't say much, so just read it for yourself!

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    I used to read comics a lot when I was little. I'd often read the Batman, X-Men and Spiderman ones. My favourite comics overall would be The Beano and The Dandy. Some of my earliest memories are of reading them.

    Apart from Batman and Spiderman, my favourite characters would be Dennis The Menace, The Bash Street Kids and Cyclops from the X-Men.

    Spiderman - Ramones

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    I've never been a really big comic book fan, I have some vague memory of reading Archie Comics....

    Here's a song by your favorite band. :)

    (I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman - The Kinks:

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    Nah, not really.

    Sorry, Darth.

    I do like some of them, though, but generally, I'm just not a comic book type of guy.

    Deadpool and the cousins from Bone are my favorites.

    Probably Bone.

    Most likely.

  • I Love comics. I buy one or 2 a week!

    The Ones I usually buy are



    Fantastic 4


    True Blood

    X Men

    and Ghost Rider if he ever gets a new series

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    I like comics. I don't read them anymore but comics are like the ancient stories/myths for the US since we (non indians) don't have any of our own.

    I liked the standard Marvel stuff. Mostly X-Men and the like. I feel like I read a lot of books but I can't remember them anymore. I believe they're all still up in my parents attic.

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    Well you could try Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. It's about Vampires and stuff but it take place in present day. Also the Twilight Series by Staphanie Meyer.

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    yes i do i have been erading them off and on since 1990 i ahve over 3200 of them laying all over the house

    my favorite cahracters are




    the hulk


    my favorite comics are



    the hulk


    the punisher


    the walking dead

    basically ill read any comic just to give it a chance and see if its good

    i think joe satriani has a song about the silver surfer

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