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? asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 10 years ago

Who is going to die in the Degrassi - Boiling Point?

Okay so here are the rumor's Ive been hearing

Fitz brings a knife to school to hurt Eli (But Eli never gets stabbed), and the school goes under a lockdown, Drew cheats on Alli with Bianca, and K.C. commits suicide?

So what are the rumors you have been hearing?


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  • 10 years ago
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    Okay so I watched last night and Fitz did have a knife but he didn't stab Eli they showed the police taking him away but i dont know if he got arrested

    also drew does cheat on Alli with Bianca

    Alli forgives him but then bianca tells her the whole story and shes really angry

    i guess Alli and Drew have some sort of unspoken break up cause neither actually says anything

    but i dont remember anything about K.C. commiting suicide though

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  • 10 years ago

    Idk why everyone is assuming that someone is going to die. Has it been confirmed or something? All i know is, the school is going to go into lockdown. The creator of Degrassi says this episode is going to be more intense and even better than the most dramatic Degrassi episodes ever, 'Time Stands Still' and 'Rock This Town', so something serious HAS to go down, but idk what haha. I'm hoping no one dies, but if someone does, i hope it's a character i don't like. I know for a fact that Eli, Clare, Alli, Adam, Jenna, and a few others aren't going to die because they're still filming the other half of season 10 and they were seen filming. And Leia isn't going to die either, although a lot of people think she is for some reason. She confirmed that she's only on one episode (My Body Is A Cage), which passed already.

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  • 10 years ago

    OMG! I dont know! Its going to be so intence because fitz wants to take clare to the dance and Eli is not okay with that! There is going to be so much drama.

    I think the degrassi producers are trying to get everyone intence and excited. Im pretty sure no one is going to die even tho it seems like it. I just hope its not eli, clair, drew, alli, or any new characters. I also dont want KC to commit suicide!!!

    IM so excited for the episode!

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  • 10 years ago

    I've heard KC dies but its just a rumor i guess...

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