Why is cycling the sport i always hear drug problems about ?

In the media i am always hearing about drug (steroid) related problems with cycling, and although i believe most current sports figures use them i always hear the most about cycling. Is this because cycling is the sport that uses it the most or is just the most researched in this problem ?

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    I guess you never heard of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Ken Caminiti, Bobby Estalella, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Armando Rios, Benito Santiago, Gary Sheffield, Jose Canseco, Tom House, Wally Joyner, Jim Leyritz, Paxton Crawford, David Segui, John Rocker, Paul Byrd or Shane Monahan?

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    If North American professional sports athletes were tested as often and as well as competitive cyclists, very few teams would be able to put enough players on the field to play a game. I read an article today about how many players in the National Football league weigh over 300 pounds, there are not dozens, but hundreds of them. I don't think they all got that big eating peanut butter sandwiches. Steroid use is uncommon in cycling, most doping involves some form of blood boosting to improve aerobic capacity. Cycling has, by far the strictest rules of any professional sport concerning testing and detection of cheats. It isn't surprising that some are caught. If and when other pro sports adopt similar rules, a comparison could be made

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    Even if drug is related to a lot of sports, such football, athletics, and swimming, the problem is related very often with cycling because:

    - cycling is very exhausting; think to a cyclist at the Tour de France. More than 200 km every day for 20 days in the month of july. It's very hard for the psychological aspect too;

    - a professional cyclist is a worker going by bike; if you don't take some little help you are not able to remain in the group; if that happens, your team-manager says: "Sorry, I need someone faster than you. Bye bye". Suddenly the cyclist is unemployed!

    - in other words, no drug, no money at the end of the month.

    Have a nice day!

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    You are right. All major sports all have drug issues... the reality is the ultimate in hypocrisy.... No other major sport has a quality drug testing program! If they had, we would see baseball and football athletes suspended as often, if not more than cycling. This negligence starts as early as high school, and is certainly evident in college age players as well.

    While the existing procedures make cycling appear to be 'dirty', the reality is that it is the only major sport that really has an effective program.... probably making it cleaner than the other sports. That's scary isn't it!


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    The reason you hear about it is that cycling is the sport that;s actually trying to do something about the steroid problem, trying to clean it up.

    Regardless of the noise other sports are making, the only other one close to cycling in trying to clean up is baseball.

    As the other poster said, how many 300LB people do you know that can run 4.5 second 40-yard dashes? Football (american football) has to be filthy with steroids, but you almost never hear anything about it.

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    Every sport goes through steroid use allegations. Football, baseball, track, and most other sports. Doping goes back to the early 1800's


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    football is full of hypocrisy, lying, corruption

    there is so much money in it

    which is both the cause and the effect of the above


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