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A pilot is flying an airplane at 450 mph and she's pointing the plane due west.?

The wind is blowing from the southeast at 30 mph. At what speed and in exactly what direction is the plane actually traveling?

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    south west east north south south west north east west north

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  • greist
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    3 years ago

    Whoever gave you that subject for homework is an fool except you probably did no longer placed up the excellent question in which you in all probability didnt yet in any case i visit anticipate you meant 240 because of fact a airplane does not fly at 24 something. in case you meant knots than it may be 444 kph which might take 0.22 hours (12 minutes). Kilometers according to hour could be 240 kph and could take 0,40-one hours (24 minutes). MPH could be 276 mph and could take 0.36 hours (21 minutes). i wish i did no longer wast my time yet wish this helps.

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