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Covergirl tests on animals?

So I just recently bought Covergirl LashBlast which I love but I found out Covergirl tests all their products on animals which I am 100% against so I chucked that Mascara. My question is this is there any drugstore makeup that 100% does not test on animals?

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    Here are just a few makeup brands you can buy in the drugstores that DON'T do animal testing:




    -Burts Bees

    Some that DO:



    I didn't realize CoverGirl tests their products on animals either until you posted this question. How disappointing...

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    I used to be like you too and I threw out half of my make up because it turned out that it is tested on but then I heard that a products can not be sold unless it is tested on. So the companies that "don't" test on animals get other companies to do it for them... horrible world :[

  • 9 years ago

    yup. there are lots

    Here are a list of companies that do not test on animals.




    Burt's Bee's



    Bonne Bell



    Vital Radiance

    Physician's Formula and Prestige


    Beauty Without Cruelty


    Ecco Bella

    Hemp Organics


    Kiss My Face

    And there are a lot more!

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    i love that mascara too :(

    here's a list of all the companies that don't test on animals:

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  • 9 years ago

    Almay, hard candy, phyiscians formula. Those are a few off the top off my head, you could google it

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