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Professional bodybuilding competitions use lie detector tests to catch steroid cheats. Would that work in MLB?

The clean bodybuilding competitions use regular drug tests (urine samples, etc.) and they also use lie detector tests. The combination of these two testing measures are quite effective. In other types of bodybuilding competitions, steroids (and other PED's including HGH) can be used by competitors. Those are the big money competitions. Would lie detector tests help to catch steroid cheats (and other PED's including HGH) in Major League Baseball? If so, do you think they will use this technique in the future?

Note: Guys in the industry claim that many MLB players do cycles of steroids (Anavar, Winstrol, Deca-Durabolin, etc.) in the offseason and they use HGH during the regular season. And guys like Victor Conte say that the best HGH tests out there right now are inaccurate. So, if this is true (and I do believe it is very true), wouldn't you think lie detector tests would put an end to all of this nonsense quickly? You know, combining regular forms of testing with lie detector tests.


Guys, there is a reason why bodybuilding competitions use these two testing methods together. It's because it's almost impossible to beat both tests. I am not saying they should get rid of traditional testing methods in favor of lie detector tests. I am just saying, the sport would most likely be clean tomorrow if the league instituted these two forms of testing. It really would.

Update 2:

I realize lie detectors are not 100% accurate. But neither are regular drug tests. Should we do away with thiose because they are not 100% accurate. And besides, it is nearly impossible to beat a lie detector test. Your odds of winning the lottery would be greater.

Update 3:

So I guess the real question is: Do you even want the sport to be clean? Does it matter?

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    A true, professional liar can beat a polygraph test. While I do see your point as being very valid, the MLBPA would never adhere to this because the players' union has made it a point to defend the crooked side of baseball with no validity whatsoever. They are as over-bearing as the owners. Baseball is now a business and no longer just a sport for the fans. Polygraphs would destroy the entire fabric of honesty and integrity in the game. The List of 104 has pretty much diminished the integrity of baseball. Blood testing for HGH/'roids have evidently worked where polygraphs would not. Drug testing is more accurate and more effective.

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    The MLBPA would have to agree to it, which I doubt they ever would. It would take up a lot of time and resources to drag players into doing this. There are ways to fake a lie detector test as well so it's not full proof.

    You can focus on something else instead of the polygraph and it works. So a polygraph is a joke.

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    no, lie detector tests are not even really accepted in the scientific world. Yes they can be accurate at times but in fact one IS completely capable of adapting methods to beat a lie detector test. I have actually searched this topic many times before...

    besides, this is baseball... not Maury

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    Not only would the MLBPA never agree to it, polygraphs aren't even an effective method of getting the truth. Their results aren't admissable to most American courts and for a reason - it's a pseudoscience.

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    it would work to a degree, it's just really hard to do considering how many mlb baseball players there is

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    MLB/Players assn would never allow it

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