Zodiac Parent-Child Friendships?

My Mother is a Virgo. We get along on and off.

My Dad is Libra. He is my favorite parent.

I'm a Scorpio. What are the parent-child compatibility based on zodiac signs?


Most of the time me and my mom don't get along.

Update 2:

My dad doesn't really spoil me. I can communicate with him easier. We are both artists. I can't really talk to my mom as well.

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    well Scorpio and Virgo are supposed to get along better. but you probably prefer your dad because as a Libra, he's more laid back and encourages you more to your full potential. your Virgo mom is probably a bit on the critical and sad, realistic side.

    Source(s): i'm a scorpio with a virgo mom.... and i get along with her better than with dad ( Leo ) but she's so damn critical
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    it doesnt matter in this case. people will always be compatible with there parents even if they hate them. after a ten yr study i found that every sign gets parents that will teach them the first lessons in a signs journey. if u look around you closely and did a survey u will find that even ur friends family and people around u most are compatible or are there to teach you something even if its bad. in ur natural life you as a scorpio will not favor a virgo being around u therefore u are forced to get this experience from ur mom. not ur choice. these two signs are not compatible for love. i know many scorpios with libra best friends. libras bring balance and shiny things. the scorpio is materialistic untill they get older and become spiritual. im just guessing but ur dad might spoil you and your mom is a clean freak loves to organize and might be alil strict. ur dad mite also be alil easier to talk him into lettin u do things

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    Wow that is so weird I'm a scorpio my mom is a libra and my dad is a virgo. I don't get along with either of them but if I had to chose one I would spend the day with it be my dad.

    It might just come down to her rising and moon signs. http://www.starlightastrology.com/scorpioc.htm talks about compatibility between parent and child.

    But to be honest chinese astrology seems more accurate with this (My mon is a tiger my dad is a pig. Snakes don't get along with either sign so that makes sense.) http://www.usbridalguide.com/special/chinesehorosc...

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    maximum Capricorns i know alongside with myself will react this way. i think of that's because of the fact they do no longer believe very actual. as quickly as you believe somebody and picture of them as an intensive chum, every person could be very injury via that. Capricorns are established for containing grudges, so it may be difficult to bypass from close pals, to being betrayed, to being close pals returned. no longer all Capricorns would be like this in spite of the indisputable fact that. that's going to matter at something of the chart. Having specific factors of the Mars and Moon would reason a undesirable temperament and make somebody unwilling to permit somebody back into their lives.

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