What is the meaning of the song " I'm sorry Ms. Jackson?"?

I'm sorry Ms. jackson, ooh

I am for real

never meant to make your daughter cry I apologize a trillion times.

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    The actual meaning is that Dre had a child with singer Erykah Badu out of wedlock. This song is a message to Badu's mother, whose actual name is Kolleen Wright. Ms. Jackson is a name that they made up. From the band Vines.

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    It is a song directed at his "baby's mama"'s mother... the first verse is directed at his baby's mother and is about the fact that he does everything he is suppose to in terms of money and he could stop doing that since her mother is basically telling her daughter that the guy she is with is worthless..He is also saying how it is b.s that he isn't invited to the child's birthday because it is at the grandmothers house and that he doesn't try to fight for custody yet her mother is trying to get her to basically get him out of her life.. thus leads him to say that the child isnt a pay check for them from him, its their child..

    so the chorus is about the fact that he is sorry that he got her pregnant but didn't mean to make her cry and is doing what he is suppose to do..

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    it means that the white pony on my lawn its not a white pony its my cat and that the orange tree is my sister

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    It sounds like her daughter thought the guy was a player and he wasn't and he's apologizing for making her cry.

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