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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 10 years ago

Degrassi boiling point predictions?

I am so excited for tomorrows Degrassi! What are your predictions? And what do you think about what has happened so far on season 10?

So so far Jenna is pregnant and KC broke up with her [I don't blame him, Jenna's a b*tch.]

And Claire and Eli are together finally!

In the final boiling point week promo, we see:

- someone with a knife walking towards Claire and Eli. OMG what do you think will happen?

-Adam pushes that bully (forgot his name) and says he is not a girl.

-Someone offers Alli $50 for sex!! Maybe she will get raped? What do you think?

-Riley kisses Zane in public at school! Yay!

-And something is going on between Drew and Bianca!

Here is the promo:

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  • 10 years ago
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    -Fitz is the one with the knife that walks toward Clare and Eli. He pulls it outta his locker. I think maybe he'll try to stab them? I really don't know. That might be the reason that the school goes on lockdown; Fitz having the knife and pointing it at people.

    -Adam probably just wants to take a stand against Fitz and Eli holds him back. Fitz might get really mad...being the reason he brings the knife to school.

    -I heard that Owen rapes Alli when she refuses to have sex with him.

    -I think someone posted something about Riley being gay on the internet so technically - even though it wasn't intentional - he's out of the closet.

    -I'm pretty sure Bianca starts sending Drew sexy photos of herself and tries to get him to go down to the boiler room with her so he can be unfaithful to Alli.

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  • 10 years ago

    Tonight is the night the Boiling Point comes to a full on explosion. I will make my predictions short and sweet...

    Eli and Claire will be fine

    Adam might be the one stabbed

    Drew will be single by the end for the show

    Jenn will tell KC the baby isnt his

    KC will committ suicide because of this in the boiler room

    Police find KC dead and assume murder and LOCKDOWN the school

    Police find Fitz with a knife and is assumed the 'murderer'

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  • 10 years ago

    I agree with Carrie they've had at least 2 rape situations in the series, but then again it's like the third pregnancy in the series too.. they've had a lot of pregnancy scares also. so I wouldn't know if degrassi would repeat it, because they have another lockdown

    now if you watch the promo with the song, sharks in the water, it shows sav gets a knife thrown at him.

    Not sure about Drew and Bianca, because he said she's not her type.. but who knows. Maybe he's not looking for a relationship.

    AND YES!!! FINALLY! K.C. Left Jenna, but I'm not happy for the reason he left her, I never liked their romance, and YES SHE DID STEAL HIM AWAY! I'm not sure why people don't think she did, or why she claims she didn't. So yeah. I'm glad that's over, and I'm not sure why Ali is hanging out with her because they didn't get along that great after she stole K.C.

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  • 4 years ago

    I'm thinking that she is preggerz!! I mean who would eat banana dipped in ranch? Plus you know the ep that's coming up later on where the school goes into a lock down I started thinking what if that coach who got arrested gets out of jail and comes to Degrassi to get revenge..... It's possible. Or I'm thinking it could be something to do with Eli and Fitz since the death card was pulled on him. I guess we will have to wait and see :)! I love Degrassi! I <3 Jenna, Eli, Adam, & Drew!!

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  • 10 years ago

    Eli and Clare aren't together. Clare is giving him some time to get over the Julie (?) thing.

    - Its Fitz. I'm not exactly sure why. All the rumors are he said he would end the fight with Eli if he could go to the dance with Clare, but Eli said no.

    - He punches Fitz.

    - They had way too many raped stories, I doubt they'll do another one.

    - -insert fan girl scream here-

    - Bianca tries to sleep with Drew, but I'm not sure if he actually goes through with it.

    Edit: I doubt K.C. will die fighting for Clare. I'm 99% sure he's over her.

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  • 10 years ago

    Fitz askes Eli to let Clare to the dance with him(Fitz) and Eli gets fumed. Clare is seen in the hallway with Fitz, alone, when he pulls the knife. I have a feeling Eli shows up and saves her. They should kiss again once their both safe. Sappy, I know. And maybe KC commits suicide? Or fights Fitz for Clare and they both die? Would make an intersting plot line seeing as though clare only has eyes for Eli...

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  • 10 years ago

    I've already seen sneak peek pics of AFTER the police get there and it shows Eli and Clare outside and Holly J and Sav outside with the siren lights flashing across their faces so I know they're OK. And Adam, maybe he'll get stabbed - MAYBE - but honestly, I just can't and do NOT see the writers killing off a new AND very well liked character. That would be suicide for the show and many people will probably be turned off by that.

    As for a suicide, who knows maybe Ali will be the one. By the looks of it she's crying and depressed and it looks like Owen is trying to rape her. Maybe Owen will get stabbed.

    Other than these characters, it doesn't seem to look like anyone else's part will be jeopardized. Really, I don't WANT someone to die, but um, the whole point of it being the boiling point is that something HUGE is supposed to happen, and unfortunately, though I love Degrassi and have been watching this "boiling points" season religiously, I haven't really seen very much coming to a boil at all this season. Nothing really new, or unheard of has happened, and even though Adam being a trans-gender was new, it was done rather horribly. Unlike with Riley being in the closet for so long, there was no build up with Adam and his transsexuality. There should've been a huge build up, with lots of hints and wondering, maybe a relationship that was on the DL until one day BAM! he's out and everything's in chaos. Remember when Marco came out that he was gay, and some guys beat him up really bad? He was in terrible shape and we thought he'd die or at worse be super super injured and effected by it; now THAT was a boiling point. Back then we actually sat on the edge of our seats going what's gonna happen to him, is he okay, what about the guys that did it?! Come on! Modern-day Degrassi gives these stupid guys like Fitz and them who threw Adam into a friggin glass door, shattering the glass where there's a friggin hole in the pane, just a slap on the wrist in the form of a suspension! Those kids should've been expelled, even more so they should've had a police report on them. THERE was the opportunity for a real storyline where these boys are facing court and the chance of alternative school, juvenile probation or something of the likes. I mean duh!, it could've been classified as a hate crime! They writers could've injured Adam so bad that we thought he'd be the one who dies this season just to tease us, but then when he didn't die, it'd be more for us to all be talking about online! Well if it's not Adam, then who is it. Then there'd be a good story for why they'd have so much beef with Adam. Not just that he's a transsexual and that it freaks them out but even more so that because of him they're in a worse situation themselves. Really, if not just using Adam as a tease, almost every character should have been on the brink of death in some way. Scare the hell out of us viewers you know, aside from the usual Degrassi pregnancy storyline and the probably upcoming and recycled rape storyline with Ali, this season has proven to be rather lackluster. And to make another point, if this season was meant to be a boiling point, then every 2-day story they've done like Jenna's pregnancy, Holly J's end with Declan and her money issues, Connor's brush with a child molester, Drew's blackmail over Riley, Anya's depression over her mother's cancer, Fiona's loneliness and depression, Eli avoiding Clare, ALL OF THESE STORY-LINES should NOT have ended after their two days and on a good note. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE BOILING POINTS. All of these stories are supposed to come to a boil, AT THE SAME TIME so that the ending is so over-the-top crazy, but yet ties all together any loose ends and us the viewers get a shock wave of greatness going OMG that was just amazing!!! *Brain collapses* If you've seen Inception, that's what I mean. Layers upon layers of stories climaxing and then collapsing at once. Degrassi should be a ground zero when this season is over!

    Source(s): my own ideas
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I heard from an interview with the writer that Alli will go through something traumatic. so Maybe she does get raped who knows. Bianca is the one hitting on Drew.

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  • 10 years ago

    Fitz likes Bianca and tells Ali to go in the boiler room where she catches Bianca and Drew making out. Her and Bianca start to fight, and they hit a pipe which bursts. Get it? THE BOOOOILING POINT! Someone also commits suicide. I think its KC, Eli, or Adam. REILY HAS A GUN AND TRYS TO SHOOT PPL BECAUSE EVERYONE FINDS OUT HE'S GAY....the ending to degrassi!

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