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Who would win in a fight between Tomasz Adamek vs Ruslan Chagaev now ???????????????????

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    I would really like to see this fight. It would be a very a skilled, technical and competitive heavyweight match, something we haven't seen in a while.

    If it was prime, 2007 Ruslan Chagaev fighting Tomasz Adamek, then I would say with absolute certainty that he puts on a clinic here, takes Adamek to school and wins a wide unanimous decision. But now, things may be different.

    When Chagaev fights these days, the big question is always what kind of physical shape he'll be able to get in. If he could turn up the way he did for the Meehan fight, then I would still consider him a favorite. His talent is still there, technical and tactical prowess were again near those of his prime and Adamek, as good as he is, is clearly inferior to Chagaev in all these departments.

    One glaring weakness of Adamek's career as always been his defense. He just gets hit way more then he's supposed to, even now as a heavyweight, and whenever he's fighting somebody skilled it's always a big problem. He got nearly shut out by Chad Dawson, it almost cost him against Steve Cunningham too, Estrada fight was a real struggle and even the one against Grant on Saturday turned out to be a lot more difficult then expected. Point being as I said, when he's facing a real challenge his defense simply isn't up to the task. Same would be for this fight. Tomasz so far is winning all his heavyweight outings, but the truth is he's struggling. Other then Golota, every fight was a problem and he's just getting by, not dominating and impressing like he's expected to. And prime or not, Ruslan Chagaev would by far and away be the most talented and complete heavyweight fighter he ever faced.

    If the match did happen I think that Adamek would engage and try to make it a fight. He wouldn't win a boxing match against Chagaev, that's for sure. He'd have to be active all the time, keep the punch output very high and hope that Ruslan won't be able to keep up. But I think chances are that Chagaev would avoid this. He'd let Adamek attack, but his deckund is tight and he'd easily stop most of what came his way and those few shots that got through, he's more then capable of taking. At the same time, he would choose his moments to take advantage of Adamek's defense and pick him apart with counters throughout this fight. There would be several close rounds, as Adamek would be throwing considerably more, although to little effect, but Chagaev would be the one landing clean and getting through with shots of substance. I think his work and superior skill level would be more impressive in the end and earn him a decision in this match.

    Chagaev by UD: 115-113, 116-112, 116-113 on the cards.

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    that would be an EXCELLENT matchup. think i would lean more toward tomaz winning a close decision. hes been more active than ruslan and his confidence is at an all time high.

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