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i want to start a death/metalcore band but im "emo/scene"?

okay so, i am in love with deathcore and metalcore and im learning guitar right now. im pretty good and i hope i can start a band soon. but my biggest fear is that people will hate on us because i, or we.. have an "emo/scene" image. a lot of metal fans hate emos and scenes. just like my favorite band bring me the horizon, alot of people hate them because or their image. do you think the same thing would happen to me? thanks (:

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    Well just look at Chelsea Grin. They look like a bunch of emo pansies but they sound f'king brutal!

    F'ck what everyone else thinks. Do it cause you want to and ignore everyone who puts you down.

    As long as your hearts in it you can't go wrong (:

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    Be yourself, and you will get fans, i mean there are people who are fans of justin bieber so you too will be able to get fans

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