What do you think of these unsual names for a boy?


















i really want my son to have an unusual but nice name. thoughts and comments appreciated! =)

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    - is negative

    + is positive

    Gaylord -

    ...this name will encourage homophobia

    Hugo +

    ...not used often enough; different w/o being weird

    Jesse +

    ...classic, biblical name

    Boris -

    ...Cold War Russian spy name

    Edgar -

    ...sounds like he's 90 yrs old

    Gilbert -

    ...can't stand Gilbert O'Sullivan's songs; name also reminds me of Gilbert Grape

    Pingu -

    ...sounds like one of Tarzan's pets

    Cecil -

    ...as in Cecil the Sea Serpent? yuck

    Theodor - (+ if you spell it in the traditional English manner of Theodore)

    ...I do like the nns Ted and Theo

    Simba -

    ...naming a child for a character in "The Lion King" is just cruel

    Legass -

    ...it's probably LeGass but it's going to become Leg-A$$ in short order

    Harold -

    ...and Kumar; enough said

    Marvin -

    ...the Martian of Bugs Bunny fame

    Walter -

    ...old enough to be God's grandfather

    Wolfgang -

    ...well, Valerie Bertinelli & Eddie Van Halen got away with it but I think it's definitely over the top

    Bob -

    ...it's a nn and would be childish for a grown man

    Jomhyeh -


    For an unusual name, consider


    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Biblical

    Pronounced: JAY-kin (English)

    Means "he establishes" in Hebrew. This was the name of a son of Simeon in the Old Testament.

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    Gaylord: just don't put your son through the torture of this name. imagine all of the times he will be left out or beaten up.

    Hugo: hmmm... I wouldn't go for this name... but it's much better than the first (Gaylord)

    Jesse: cute, but I'm just not a fan

    Boris: huh

    Edgar: Allen Poe lol

    Gilbert: another huh

    Pingu: no

    Cecil: also no

    Theodor: awe. this one is really cute.

    Simba: "remember, you are my son and the one true king"

    Legass: maybe

    Harold: not the best

    Marvin: dork waiting to happen

    Walter: normal. one of the better ones

    Wolfgang: if you want a musical geneous. lol

    Bob: hehe

    Jomhyeh: I don't even know how to say this one

    I would go with: Theodor

    other names (that weren't on the list, but I like) are: James, Elijah, Bosco, and Andrew (though you might think Andrew and James are too normal)

    Good luck naming your son (and goodluck to your son if you name him Gaylord)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gaylord: No. Just no. Especially if your last name is Focker.

    Hugo: I like it...it reminds me of Hugo Weaving and Victor Hugo.

    Jesse: I like it...it's a strong, simple, not-too-common Biblical name.

    Boris: I like it...it sounds strong, manly, and Russian. It would sound a bit odd without a Russian or other eastern European last name, though.

    Edgar: I love it...it reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe and Edgar Rice Burroughs...great old-fashioned name with a literary ring, and he can always go by Ed or Eddie.

    Gilbert: Not a super-favorite of mine, but I like it...it's a little-used vintage classic.

    Pingu: Only if it's a traditional name in your language/culture.

    Cecil: I wouldn't recommend it...it's an intelligent-sounding classic, but there are so many of those that sound handsomer and more manly.

    Theodor: I'd only use this spelling if it's the traditional one in your language...I'd really prefer Theodore. Love the name, though!

    Simba: If it's because it means "lion" in your native African language, then OK, but be prepared (snerk) for a lot of Lion King jokes. If it's because you thought The Lion King was a cute movie, then no.

    Legass: No...it sounds like "leg" + "a$$," like he's a leg man AND an a$$ man. If it's a family name, please make it the middle name, not the first!

    Harold: See Gilbert...it's not my favorite, but it's a good, classic name.

    Marvin: No...yeah, it's a classic, but there are plenty of classics that aren't used as stereotypical fictional "nerd names."

    Walter: I really like it...it's a classic that sounds strong, manly, smart, and potentially handsome.

    Wolfgang: I actually like this one, but it takes a strong personality (and ideally some musical talent) to pull it off. In addition to Mozart it reminds me of Wolfgang Van Halen, who's adorable. I'd suggest making it the middle name, though.

    Bob: Good nickname for Robert, but would sound rednecky as an official name.

    Jomhyeh: Again, only if it's a traditional name in your culture.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can not be serious with some of these names. Gaylord, Simba, Legass?? Do you want him to be tormented in school? Out of the names listed I think the best to name a human child would be Jesse, Theodor, Walter, Bob, Edgar.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Love the name Jesse. The others...not so much. Think of how they shorten, or the nicknames that come from them.

    Do you really want to have your boy called Wolfie?, Harry or Wally?

    Also the associations with the name can cause trouble on the playground. Simba= the lion king.

    Marvin = martian from bugs bunny, Pingu, are you for real?

    Source(s): common sense
  • 1 decade ago

    You don't want a name that is really weird because they might get picked on. A name like marvin would be the best from the list

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Out of those i'd p.c.. the two Cecil or Jesse. the foremost to figuring out on an unusual call is to p.c.. one that youngsters can not make relaxing of. as an occasion, you could no longer pretend that your toddler wont be picked on if his call is Gaylord. Even Simba, human beings will tease him approximately being from Lion King. So p.c.. one which you will no longer use to p.c.. on. superb of success :)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Out of those i could p.c.. the two Cecil or Jesse. the main to choosing an unusual call is to p.c.. one which youngsters won't be able to make relaxing of. as an occasion, you won't be able to pretend that your baby wont be picked on if his call is Gaylord. Even Simba, human beings will tease him approximately being from Lion King. So p.c.. one which you won't be able to apply to p.c.. on. suited of wonderful fortune :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Jesse isnt that unusual and Walter, I like! Boris is my cats name.

  • 1 decade ago

    For your son's sake, please do NOT name him "Gaylord". He would get teased really badly in school

    I've always liked the name Wolfgang though.

    Jesse, Cecil, and Bob would also be fairly good choices

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