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Do you consider Jose Naploes one of the greatest Cuban fighters ever or one of the greatest Mexican fighters?

I know he was born in Cuba but he lived in Mexico for most of his life and fought out of Mexico as well. He is also a national hero there. I would rank him up there with JCC and Sanchez as one of the greatest Mexican fighters ever.


but Boxrec ranks him the best Cuban fighter ever.

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    Cubans are one of the feared-most boxers of all time... these homegrown-trained

    fighters are exceptional as they, at young ages, been funded, trained and are molded

    by mostly state-paid coaches, trainers, etc. For them, national price, reward and

    pride first and foremost before self-enrichment is the ultimate goal.

    this is well way obvious in those fighting boxers of Eastern bloc Europe... that is

    why almost all of them are trained through tremendous discipline and respect.

    Money enrichment is always not the main goal... (until maybe you may name one,

    of these boxers that HAS BEEN ERODED by money-GOD match-making fights)...

    as Filipino, but not a boxing aficionado, i really admire their excellent training years

    with their uneroded excellent boxing training handlers, and when they become

    professionals in world boxing they continue to be handled by their own countries

    originals training coaches, strategist, team and staff...

    Cubans of course, my hats-off!! and though, i was not able to follow the trails of

    Jose Napoles, i do believe (though i havent viewed some of his fights on video clips),

    this over-achiever Jose is Cuban's amongst the greatest if not at par with world's


    jj kepweng jeddah....

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    I consider him a Cuban who fought out of Mexico, not different than lots of fighters who moved to another country for better fights and opportunities.

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  • Anonymous
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    Just because he lived in Mexico does not mean he is Mexican he is still Cuban, thats like saying if Muhamid Ali moved to Italy means he's italian LMAO

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