"Guess?" Jeans Help. I've Never Heard Of Them...?

well a friend accidentally left a pair of "Guess?" jeans at my house while visiting..i called and told her, and she told me just to keep them. i'm wondering if they're authentic..they say "Guess Jeans Malibu" on the inside waist band. i've never heard of "Guess Jeans Malibu"...i tried to google it and didn't find anything. im just wondering..and if you could help i'd really appreciate it. thanks ;)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Guess is a brand. They have perfume, clothes, bags, stuff like that. They usually will mark what factory produced the jeans so thats the Malibu part of it. So you now have a pair of Guess Jeans! Oh another wierd fact, It's pronounced (Gus) not (Guess)! It's really weird, but ya thats what I know!

    Source(s): My aunt is a manager at Macy's
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