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中翻英:) 感恩你們



我的英文很差 所以有時打字比較不能讓大家明白

我上文的意思是 如果你是我的話 你就能明白XXX其實不是大家所想的這麼酷

這點我很失望也很心痛 .... 你的MSN我已經加入妳了

但我們有時差的問題 我不知道何時能跟你聊天?

關於XXXX的MSN 你可以等到他在FB的時候跟他聊天


我相信如果你答應 他一定會把他的MSN給你的 等他上現吧


只不過...我現在對他很失望 我現在跟他沒有捨麼交談

我們吵架了 因為有些事情

對了 在XXXX有這麼多粉絲 為何你只加我FB?

祝妳每天開心瞜 愛你


上述想回信給一位西班牙人 因為我的英文很糟 之前回他的易封信 他問我我是捨麼易斯? 我不知道要怎麼跟他說 因為事情很複雜 所以我就到知是+來發問 希望能有人來幫我翻譯翻譯 我能打點英文 但是我的文法很糟 讓人搞不清 拜託大家 了:) 如果是用翻譯機的人請在旁邊註明 謝謝:)

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    Your name is beautiful. It's my pleasure to know a Spanish.

    My English is poor, so sometimes it's hard to make myself clear.

    What I meant in the last letter/email was:

    if you were me, you would understand that XXX is not as cool as people think.

    I'm disappointed and heart broken with it, too.

    I've added you into my MSN messenger list, but since there is time difference

    between us, I don't know when we can talk.

    In terms of XXXX's MSN ID, you can talk with him via facebook when he logs in.

    Perhaps, he will ask you for your MSN ID.

    I believe that he will give you his MSN ID if you are willing to. (答應什麼?要說清楚比較方便翻譯喔)

    I guess I now my heart is belong to XXXXX, but I'm disappointed at him. We fought due to some personal issues.

    By the way, XXXX has so many fans, why did add me only?

    Best wishes,









    最後,"祝你每天開心 愛你"這句話,我只有寫上"best wishes"

    但是如果你真的要說"愛你",就補上"love you~~"吧!

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    Your name is very good, and I'm glad to know a Spanish.

    My English is not very good, so some people can't understand what I'm saying.

    In the last letter I mean, if you were me, then you can understand that xxx isn't

    that cool as everybody thought.

    This makes me feel disappointed and hurt....I've plus your MSN.

    But we have the problem of time differences, I don't know when can I chat with you?

    About xxxx's MSN, you can wait until when he's on FB, and chat with him.

    Maybe he'll ask you about the MSN.

    I believe if you say yes, he'll give his MSN ID to you, wait until his online.

    Maybe I love xxxx now .

    But...I'm disappointed to him. I didn't talk with him either.

    We have an argue because of something.

    By the way, you have so many fans in FB, then why you only plus me??

    Wish you happy everyday~ With love

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    Your name sounds good

    Very happy to know Spanish

    My English is poor so sometimes typing can not let you understand more

    I mean above is that if you are, then you can understand my XXX is not we think, so cool

    I am disappointed that it hurts .... your MSN I have joined you up

    However, we question the time difference I do not know when you got to chat?

    On XXXX's MSN you can wait until he was chatting with him when FB

    Maybe he will ask you MSN

    I believe that if you promise he will surely give you his MSN is it for him on

    I may now love XXXXX's

    But ... I am very disappointed he did not care I What talk with him

    We have a fight because some of the things

    By the way so many fans in the XXXX why you only add my FB?

    Wish you happy every day love you Lou

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