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關於翻譯!! 快幫幫我 (超急!!)





但是不可以錯太多~~~ 謝謝啦!!









我覺得這部電影真的很可憐耶!! 在還沒有播到一半的時候,我的眼淚就已經留下來了。雖然我不是在電影院看的...但是,在家裡看也很有感覺。

而且,這個電影是真實的故事拍出來的耶!!我真的感到很驚訝!!竟然真的有這麼忠心的狗... 害我現在很想養狗耶!! 不過電影到最後真的很溫馨....沒看過的人一定要去看喔!!

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    I want to write a story about the person and dog movies and is called the heart miracle This happened in Japan. One day, little girls and little girl's brother and discarded in a carton of puppies. But father most annoying is the dog. Although warned the little girl is not possible to have a dog at home, but the little girl could not afford wherever you follow her little dog, so I asked my grandfather standing at their side, let dad agree with feeding the puppy. In this way, a small dog called Mary, for several years, Mary has grown up, and had three little dog. However, happy hours and only this moment. October 23: 56. In the event of an earthquake. In the House of the little girl with her grandfather was in the House. Wonder how long it will take time. Mary is very hard, trying to put two men rescued from home, but only with Mary's strength, it is impossible for two people are allowed to do. Finally, thanks to Mary the rescue staff induction home, little girl and grandfather were safe. Because the relationship between the priority to save human lives, the rescue helicopters cannot let Mary they ride. Leave a little girl's shouts. Mary has been watched them by helicopter to leave. In the absence of food, is in danger of trying to protect the children's mother, Mary. On the other hand, the little girl know Mary them in case of emergency, to determine their own to save them.

    I think this movie is really poor yeah!! In the absence of sowing, my tears have been left behind. Although I am not in the movie theaters ... However, at home and watch it. Moreover, this film is a true story film yeah!! I really was surprised!! Should really have such a loyal dog ... I'm a dog yeah!! However the film to finally really warm ... never seen people must go to wow!!

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    This encouraging story happened in Japan. One day, a little girl and her brother encountered a puppy that was abandoned in a box. They wanted to keep it, but their father hated dogs most. Although their father warned them they cannot keep a puppy in their house, the little girl could not stand to leave the puppy who followed her everywhere. Therefore she insisted that her grandpa stand on their side, and convince their dad to agree to their keeping the dog. So, the dog was named "Marlie". A few years later, Marlie grew up and gave birth to three little puppies. However, happiness could not last any longer.

    On the evening of October 23, at five fifty-six, a terrible earthquake changed their lives forever. The little girl and her granddpa were covered under the ruins over their house. After some time, Marlie tried hard, hoping to save the two members of the house. However, she did not have enough strength to do anything for them. Finally, Marlie brought home with her some rescuers and the people were saved. Tragically, the helicopter did not allow Marlie to get on because they could not wait for her as human lives were more important at that time. Marlie gazed as the helicopter flew far and far away. All that was left was the little girl's crying.

    Under conditions without any food, Marlie gave all her might to protect her children from danger. On the other hand, the little girl knew Marlie and the kids were in danger. Therefore she decided to save them by herself.

    I think this is a very sad movie! My tears were already trickling down my face before i saw half of the movie. Although i didn't watch it at a cinema, watching it at home not lessen my feelings for it.Moreover, this movie was based on a true story! I was astonished! I could not believe there is a dog in the world with such loyalty... This made me want to keep a dog so badly!! People who have not seen it must go see it!! For the movie ended encouragingly and sweetly.

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