how long does liver faiure last? I am 2-3 weeks into it i thought it was fast1?

I am dying with my liver, kidneys, pancrease all being eaten by microbs, we got while in the Marines, my spleen wont work due to Portal hypertension my liver will not let anything thru it, my kidneys are really burning, my legs wobbling, some meds are keeping me alive but now I feel as I am slipping away and I know it! How long can this last?


I know I can stop taking my 2 meds and be in a coma within 2 days because my ammonia is over 180 buit I am trying to live to see my SSD so I can pass it out to the family the way I want, thats all, I am ready...

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    When the liver cells become damage, the immune

    system of the body responds to this damage and

    causes inflammation to develop inside the liver.

    This will cause your liver to enlarge in size. If

    the doctors can find the cause and stop it, then the

    liver cells can heal and the problem can be reversed.

    However, once the liver cells start to die off, it becomes

    a progressive disease, known as Cirrhosis of the liver.

    The scar tissue that forms inside the liver blocks the

    flow of blood through the liver on its way back to the

    heart. It also blocks the flow of blood to the other

    functioning liver cells, so they will continue to die off.

    The liver cells are what does all the functions of the liver.

    When the functions start to decline as the cells die off,

    it is known as liver failure. It depends on how much

    function your liver can still do, how far advanced in this

    disease you are. This can be estimated by having a

    liver biopsy done. The blood that used to go to the

    liver through the Portal vein, now backs up into it.

    (portal hypertension). This blood also backs up into

    vessels not used to handling this amount of blood,

    known as varies. These vessels can have weak spots

    that balloon outward and break open. Any blood in the

    sputum, vomit, or rectal area is an emergency. The doctor

    can go in an band these vessels to stop the bleeding.

    Since patients, who have cirrhosis, will bleed and bruise

    very easily because the liver no longer is able to make

    clotting factors to help the blood to is important

    that they watch closely if this should happen.

    The spleen also enlarges from the blood backing up

    into it. Since the spleen is enlarged, it can trap platelets

    in it and cause them to appear lower in the blood tests.

    Since toxins are going through the body that the liver

    no longer can convert to non toxic causes extra

    work on the kidneys and they are next in line to fail

    after the liver. Patients in the advance stages of this

    disease usually develop Ascites: the build up of fluid

    in the abdominal area because the liver isn't able to make

    a certain protein known as Albumin efficiently anymore.

    The doctors can do a procedure known as paracentesis

    to remove this fluid to make a patient more comfortable and

    able to breath and eat easier. Medications is given to

    the patient to help remove the toxin, ammonia, from the

    blood. Patients develop what is known as Encephalopathy

    from this ammonia rise: memory problems, confusion,

    disorientation, sleep pattern changes, and tremors.

    Patients who have high microorganism in their blood are

    usually in the hospital on combination of broad spectrum


    If you were evaluated for a liver transplant (which includes

    much testing and seeing doctors)...once you were placed

    on the would receive a MELD score based on

    your blood tests results of: Bilirubin, INR, Creatinine,

    and Sodium

    The MELD score runs from 6 to 40. If at a 6, you are

    the healthiest on the list and may even go off the list.

    If you go up the ladder closer to 40, you become sicker

    and more in need of a transplant. There is a calculator

    on the internet that can give you an idea of what your

    MELD score would be, if you have the results of your

    blood lab tests:

    It would give you an idea how far in liver failure you may


    I hope this information has been of some help to you.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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    well if you want to die, then quit taking the meds. They're what is making it last longer

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