Who sings the song in the most recent chopped commercial?

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The commercial is about the previous chopped champions coming back to battle each other. The song goes sort of like this, "cuz everythings gonna be all right, but its not all ...show more
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The best I could come up with is:
Samael's Sentience
"It's Not Alright Feat. Sinima"


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  • daniel answered 4 years ago
    hey so it is by Samael's Sentience on their album Iras. It is a free podcast on itunes right now, I don't know how long that will last though or how that really works. I just went to the itunes store and typed in iras and it is the first one I think. You can also download the song for free on the site I have in the source area down below.
    This is my first answer so let me know if it helps or what I can improve on. Thanks!


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  • Gino answered 4 years ago
    I did some research on it myself, and it was just made as a beat for people to rap to, by a group of producers named " sinima " it sucks I know, because I wanted the rest of the song, but since they sold the beat, all were gonna get is that little sample. For more on sinima, go to soundclick.com and look at the " instrumentals " chart, they're usually in the top 25.
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