What are all the Olympic sports?

Please list the winter and summer, but please say which is winter and which is summer. Also can you give a describe each sport. thanks

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    Summer:Triathlon- run swim and bike, Rowing- group of people row a skinny boat, Sailing- sail a boat, Shooting- shoot clay targets out of the air, Archery- shoot a bow an hour at a target, Judo- form of martial arts where you throw your opponent for points, Taekwondo- another form of martial arts where you kick and punch for points, Gymnastics- do a routine that shows off physical abilities, Equestrian- riding a horse over jumps and obstacles, Track/Field- running around a track and field is trowing objects, jumping, Road Running- running long distances on the street, Diving- jumping off ledges doing and trick and landing in a pool, Swimming- racing a pool of water, Water Polo- soccer with your hands in a pool, Synchronized Swimming- a group of people swimming the same thing in a pool, Kayak- taking a kayak down a river, Canoe- taking a canoe down the a river, Modern Pentathlon- ten track and Field events, Boxing- punching your opponent while in a ring, Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling- two types of wrestling freestyle you can use upper and lower body greco just upper body, BMX- doing tricks on bike, Road/Track Cycling riding a bike over a distance for time, Mountain Biking- riding a bike over a distance of rough Trainer for time. Volleyball- hitting a ball over a net trying to hit it on the Gounod on your opponents side, Beach VolleyBall same thing just with two people and on sand, Badminton- hit a small ball thing over a net with a racket ball. Basketball shooting a ball in to a net. Fencing- fighting with a sword, Soccer- kicking a ball into a net. Handball- soccer with your hands. Table Tennis (Ping Pong). hitting a tiny ball back and forth on a table with a little racket. Tennis- hitting a ball back and forth on court. Weightlifting lifting weight. This is all the summer sports The rest of the winter Sports and more detail on the sports listed here.@http://www.olympic.org/en/content/Sports/

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    there are none

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