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Can you get a tattoo under 18 with parental consent?

i want a small heart on my wrist or behind my ear. im 16. if i had parental consent could i get this done? (if it helps i live in maryland) and about how much would it cost for a small tat like that?

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    With parental consent, yes you can get a tattoo.

    For your first tattoo, I would suggest getting it in the back of your ear,you won't see it, and won't get tired of it.

    The price will vary by artist, they usually charge by hour, and since the tattoo your getting is very small, I would guess around 45-75 dollars. A little bit more with tip.

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    I live on the border of West Virginia and my mom has gotten each of her 3 tattoos in Maryland. I am 100% sure you can get one with parental consent.

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    Usually yes, it sometimes differs with different shops.

    But I got my first tattoo at 16 with parental consent, so I would say yes.

    As price, yet again, it depends where you go.

    But I would say around 50, because it sounds like a very small tattoo.


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    Yes, you can get a piercing or tattoo if you are under 18 but only with parental consent. It will $30-$60.

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    The cost can vary from place to place. Any tattoo parlor that will tattoo a minor without parental consent can be sued..

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    My brother had gotten a tatt at age 15. But they only gave him a tattoo because he had special connections through our dad. He got his tatts professional at the same place Travis Porter gets his done in NC

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    It depends on your state laws regarding tattoos, I would suggest finding your states laws and regulations on that using google, but in most states you can if you get your legal guardians consent.

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    yes u can and about $35

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    yes but behind the ear? not noticibale

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