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Do you think these illegal Mexicans regret using fake documents to work on the air force base?

Two illegal immigrants have been charged in U.S. District Court in Wichita with using false documents to gain access to work projects at McConnell Air Force Base, the U.S. Attorney's Office said Thursday.

Lorenzo Mondragon-Sanchez, 38, a Mexican national, tried to enter the base Aug. 11 as part of a work crew for Djon Construction Co.

Djon is a subcontractor for a company working on several building projects at the base, prosecutors said. Both are Michigan companies.

Prosecutors said Mondragon-Sanchez used an altered resident alien card and a counterfeit Social Security card to get his job with Djon.

In a similar indictment, prosecutors said Jose Gonzalez-Ramirez, also 38 and also of Mexico, was charged in July with document fraud and re-entry after deportation.

Prosecutors said he used counterfeit resident alien and Social Security cards to get a job with ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink Inc. of Wichita, which has a base contract.

The case was investigated by Air Force Security Police at McConnell and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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    I can't imagine an illegal Mexican regretting anything bad they to.

    The only thing they might regret is being caught and deported.

    Source(s): Amnesty= Civil War.
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    I gotta say that understand thoroughly. i've got have been given a buddy who replaced into entering a convenience shop minding his very own corporation while an uninsured, unlicensed unlawful motorist drove into him and the shop he replaced into entering. Now he would desire to to bypass to the Dr. as quickly as a month to have fluid drained from his spinal twine. no person will hire him even however he's prepared to sign a workman's comp waiver with the intention to artwork. assurance companies won't insure him. he's compelled to be on social risk-free practices and not even getting sufficient to assist his kinfolk much less pay his loan. He would lots quite be working. This state is a 'no fault' state and the guy who hit him and the shop have been given a $40 5 high quality from a choose who pronounced there replaced into no longer the rest he would desire to do.

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    Is this what Obama,Holder,La Raza, Mexico indicate in the million of dollars being used in AZ just over asking for ID'S. Jill if you are Obama, Mexico,La Raza and supporters of illegals saying because they look Mexican is why they asked for an ID. I will be waiting to see how many lawsuits follow over illegals being asked for id's and throw in the race card.They put a new spin on it.

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    I doubt that they regret it.They will just come back over the border after being deported and buy new fake documents.I would like to know how long they worked for this cleaning company and if they knew they had given fake documents,Why did it take the Air Force to discover them?

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    Because the racist la raza nazi invading border criminal KKKlan with a Tan MESSYcan illegal ALIENS know that B0, that real real real bad smell coming out of the White House, and the DUMBacrts will just give them amnesty anyway.

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    And do all illegal aliens do this? Do half of them do these things? 75%?

    Obviously, you have a point to your story. What is your position? What percentage of illegal aliens commit these kinds of crimes? And what percentage of these criminal illegal aliens are from Mexico?

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