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who makes the best 1911 style .45 acp pistols for under 600 dollars?

i want to get a full size .45 for my next gun and i am stuck between a glock 21, springfield xd or a 1911 variant but i dont know who makes the best one for under 600

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    The Para Ordinance GI expert 1911 for less than $500 (MSRP is 600, but you can find it for way less than $500) and includes a match grade barrel:

    The Para Ordinance P-14 holds 14=1 rounds of .45 ACP, but the grip is like griping a 2x4, its MSRP is for $900, but I have seen them for $550 at my local gun shop brand new:

    As for the all the guns in general, it's going to take at LEAST 500 rounds to break in the pistol if you want to see any accuracy, if you don't want a 1911, I would pick the Springfield XD, it's a much safer weapon than the glock, but it's slightly less unreliable, but I also use crap ammo and have jammed 5 times out of 700+ rounds with the XD .45. Make sure you get the external thunb safety with the XD.

    My grandpa has the Para Ordinance GI expert, and we can hit a garbage can lid at 100 yards with it in one shot. Its fairly accurate but it is much better than a glock or XD.

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    The Glock will bring you in under $600, maybe the xd as well. There are several makes of 1911 style pistols, most of them will be about 600 or more though. Kimber and Springfield Armory are probably the best bang for your buck, as they are basic 1911's with some custom features. A decent 1911 will cost you anywhere from 550-2000 plus.

    Source(s): Kimber Custom II TLE, Springfield Armory TRP owner/shooter
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    1911 Style Pistols

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    Probably the new Remington 1911, my local store was offering them for $580. Does kind of depend on where you shop.

    Cheaper Than Dirt is offering an Auto-Ordnance 1911 for $493.00. I've owned one of these before, very plain jane blued gun, but you do get your money's worth out of it.

    They also offer the Taurus 1911 for $606.00. Stainless steel gun, lots of nice custom features included on the gun. Pretty good value. The blued version is also there for $557.

    Go to the web site, click "handguns" (on the left), select ".45 ACP" from the next page and you will get something like 23 pages of .45 ACP guns to pick from. some nice bargains in there.

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    Sounds like you're beginning a gun collection and you're looking at good pistols. For that reason, you can never go wrong with a good 1911.

    Honestly, I'd save up about 100 more and get a Kimber. They are excellent quality pistols and they run smooth as silk. Here's a few great deals on them....

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    My first choice: Rock Island Armory. For under $600 you can get a "tactical" or even "match" version.

    I have heard good things about the American Classic II, but have not firsthand experience.

    Springfield Armory 1911A1 GI

    Taurus - I have heard a lot of people pleased with a Taurus 1911s and I have heard of people with lemons and displaced with customer service. Sounds like a great deal if you don't get a lemon.

    Oh, yeah and someone already mentioned Para.

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    Ha ha I just stated that question yesterday. try that Remington R1 .45 AcP. And I know Budsgun Shop had a .45 GAP(glock) for under $600.00 but it was Military colors. oh and Para too.

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    Somebody is going to tell you to get a Taurus... don't. I warned you.

    I have a Citadel Concealed Carry... basically an officer's model... 1911A1. I paid $449.00 for it and it's a great little pistol. I always get thumbs downs for that recommendation but it's the exact same manufacturer as the RIAs that the same morons rave about.

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