Which names, in a story, would you give parents that are...?

1. Mom= stern, caring, sensitive, neat, and bossy (she works as a party planner).

Dad= funny, tinkerer, playful, yet a tad clumsy (he works as a mechanic at a car repair shop)

These parents' names must start with the letter "L".

2. Mom= single mother raising one daughter, she is wild, party-girl, flirty, schmooze, carefree and snobby. She works at a salon & spa downtown. A girl-y name (but not a common name like Jessica or anything) would be preferred. :)


Mom= Japanese, friendly, positive/optimistic, very motherly, sensitive and fun (she passes time as a painter)

Dad= An immigrant from the UK (he is British and has an accent, too :)), nice but a tad strict, and he works as a pilot.

It would be better if the mom had a tamed Japanese name, and the father have a nice name popular in Britain.

Thank you so much! This is all for my story, but as you may know, I'm lousy at picking names.


@ pnzrmkv: Your welcome! But, um, for the first family, I said that there names should start with the letter "L". And the dad of number 3 isn't asian, he's an immigrant from the UK, so he's british :/

But its okay, thanks anyway

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  • 9 years ago
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    For the first couple;

    How about Lillith and Lonnie? Lisa and Lance? Lacey and Lake? Lassie and Landon? Lakelynn and Lawson? Leighton, for either?

    For the single mother;

    Ashlynn? Joelle? Melissa? Valerie? Nicole? Holly? Carrie? Danielle? Mariah? Anya? Aaliyah? Claire?

    For the Asian Family;

    Mom-Aiko? Aimi? Akira? Aya? Cho? Emi? Kaede? Kazuko? Kamiki? Mae? Mio? Natsumi? Ren? Saki? Suzu? Tomoko?

    Dad-Sidney? Simon? Skylar? Slade? Spencer? Stanley? Stephen?


  • 9 years ago

    1) Mom=Angela or Ms.Havisham

    2) Dad=Ronald or Ron

    3) Single

    Mom=Rayna or Sioban

    Asian Mom=Yuko

    Asian Dad=Sonny or Sam

    Hope this sparks some ideas for you.I had fun thinking of them,Thanks.

    Source(s): Larissa,Laurine Lou is a good mechanics name as is Larry.
  • 9 years ago

    1. Lily, Laura

    2. Jess, Maureen

    3. Ian is a common British name..

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