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I own a book that is very old David Copperfield Vol 1 Dickens has no copy wright date can you...?

...help me to find a value

has 245 pageshard cover is burgandy with diamond markings inside has flowers and what looks like a torch

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    Most online and probably offline appraisers would charge for their services so be careful of that when looking for someone to professionally advise you. Meanwhile, I checked several websites for more information and have listed the webpages as follows:




    (good advice and link):

    Book values, or, How can I tell how much a book is worth?





    lots of good advice



    - this is a good one -

    (Where can I go online to find the value of an old rare book?)




    I hope this helps you find what price your book is worth. Good Luck!

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    I remember my mother telling me that there was period of time when book binders stopped using copy rights and then started again at a later date. If my memory serves me correctly I think she said it was the early 1900's like 1913 to 1919. However, in order to accurately find out value you need to contact someone who deals in rare books. Look in your yellow pages under books, used and rare. Call a few of them and see if there is an interest. If there is, and I'll bet there is, bring it to a couple of them to see what the value might be. Good luck. It should be fun.

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    go to alibris.com

    the site may be able to value the book if you have an isbn number

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