How do you remove the cover of a Gateway DX4831 desktop?

I cannot for the life of me find out how to open the cover of this tower. Im trying to put in a graphics card and the Gateway help desk didn't help me. And I don't care if I void the warranty.

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  • peter
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    1 decade ago
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    Mostly a side panel of a computercasing wil come of like this:

    1: unscrew the screws, holding the sidepanel, located at the back of the computer casing.

    2: pull/push the sidepanel backwards to release it from the holders that push it against the side.

    3: when the panel is released gently lift it up in a slightly angled way

    Sometimes there are other mechanisms, but when u only have screws on the back, above mechanism is most likely, although not 100 percent sure. Before using force, and u doubt if it's the right force, maybe try alternatives that use less force to prevent damaging anything but only as a last resort when u can't find a manual, although i guess in this case the force should be directed backwards. If u can't get the panel to move at all after the screws are removed, my best bet would be to use some more force pushing the panel backwards (slide along casing away from the front) untill u notice it not being pushed tight against the side of the casing anymore. Then just lift the panel out in an up and angled way. Always be very carefull when using force, and do it at ur own risk, but in this instance some force may be needed to push the panel to the back.

    When i try to move a sidepanel to the back i try to get my nails behind the piece of the sidepanel that's bend over the backpanel of the computer casing and has the holes for the screws in it, and create some force like that.

    Before asuming a certain mechanism first inspect the computer closely. If any more buttons or screws or hinges ar visible on the sidepanel they wil probly not be there for nothing, and may indicate a different method of removing the panel. Before using force exclude all other possible mechanisms (like a swing-mechanism as in a door) as good as you can.


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    Gateway Dx4831

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    some Gateway fashions have not got thumb screw on the returned of the component panel, they have a sliding or squeeze plastic launch guard/latch extremely, submit superb sort of gateway computing device for greater beneficial help or seek Gateway help website for that kind.

  • Smash
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    1 decade ago

    If your referring to the side panel, there are 2 screws in the back connecting the side panel on the left side of the computer (if the front is facing you). Just unscrew them, and remove the panel (carefully). Make sure you try and ground yourself out before handling anything in side the computer. If still plugged in, simply touch the metal frame. Unplug your computer before you install anything.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Or you may have to remove the front panel before removing the side panels.

    if so a firm pull should do the trick

  • pdl756
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    1 decade ago

    Remove the screws at the rear, slide the side panel back about 1/2" and swing the side panel out. Here's an image.

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