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    12.assemble---->I didn't catch what it said in the manual. So could you give me a hand to assemble this machine for me?(我看不懂手冊在寫什麼,所以你可以幫忙我組裝這個機器嗎?)

    13.refuse---->If you are not available, you can refuse directly.(如果你不方便了話你可以直接拒絕我)

    14.decay---->Have you made your dental appointment? I advise you should have your tooth decay examined as soon as possible.(你有去預約看診牙科嗎?我建議你盡快去給醫生檢查你的蛀牙)

    15.independence---->She is off to America next week to experience American local culture,and she is going to take part in Independence Day celebration.(她下星期要去美國體驗美國當地的文化,並參加獨立紀念日的慶祝活動)

    16.until---->Because he hasn't finished his presentation yet, tonight he won't come back home until 11 p.m.(因為他的口頭報告還沒完成所以他今天晚上11點後才會回到家)

    17.pregnant---->I have heard that she is pregnant. No wonder recently I always think she is even fatter than before.(我聽說她懷孕了,難怪最近我總覺得她變更胖了)

    18.suspect---->I suspect he will go abroad and won't come back forever.(我猜他會出國然後永遠也不回來)

    19.passive---->You are so passive that you need someone to urge you to learn more.(你太被動了,你需要一個人來督促你,這樣你就可以學得比較多)


    adjust---->It is better for your eyes to adjust the distance between where you are sitting and the TV.(調整你坐的地方與電視之間的距離對你的眼睛比較好)

    21.impact---->Those research have made a great impact on our lifes.(那些研究對我們的生活影響很大)


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