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拜託幫幫我翻成英文 急著要回信(請不要用翻譯機,口語化一點的)

[這真是個好消息for us ! 對我來說,你一直知道只要能和你一起,你去哪裡我就去哪裡,並不是要一直待在台灣的.但是你也知道,只是我這一年多必須要每個月還款銀行...如果能解決這個問題,至少在我找到工作之前先幫我...


希望你能成功,這真的是個好消息!! ]

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    This is really good news for us! For me, you have known, so long as can with your same place, where you go to me to go to where, is not to treat in Taiwan. But you also knew, is only my this more than year must want every month the repayments bank…If can solve this problem, before I found the work at least helps me first…

    Hong Kong for me is very ok! Before I also once had said to you, I very wanted to try to find the opportunity which Hong Kong worked, there were also after all more than to my opportunity Thailand, if therefore you must go now, I was certainly very happy! If our real decision, I diligently will also adapt and look for the work!!

    Hoped that you can succeed, what this is really a good news!!

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    this is wonderful news for us.you should have known that i just want to be

    with you no matter where you are. that means i don't necessarily have to

    always stay in taiwan. but as you also know that i still need to pay monthly

    back the bank loan for longer than one year, you may have to help me solve the problem first, at least before i get a job.

    hong kong is ok for me. i remember telling you that i was eager to get a job

    in hong kong. after all, there is much more chance of a job for me in hong kong

    than in tailand.therefore if you need me there now, i am certianly glad to go.

    if the plan is really set, i will do my best to acommodate the situation and

    of course get a new job.

    sincerely hope you will succeed. again, this is really wonderful news

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    [This is really good news for us! For me, that as long as you have been with you, where you go where I go, not to have stayed in Taiwan. But you know, but I am more than a year have to repay the bank each month ... if we can resolve this problem, at least before I find a job help me ...

    Hong Kong is very ok for me to! I have told you before, I would like to try to find opportunities to work in Hong Kong, after all, to me there a lot more opportunities than in Thailand, so if you want to go now, I of course, very happy! If we decide, I will try to adapt and find work!!

    I hope you succeed, this is really good news!!]

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