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how can you change your name legally?

Okay so I wanna change my name before I go to high school, I'm a start fresh at a private school next next year so I was wondering how do you really go change your name legally? Like where and how much it'll cost?

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    How do your parents feel about it?

    I assume you are under 18 so your parents are the ones that have to do this.

    Depending where you live and county the form and fees vary. If you go onto your county government's website and look under clerk's office they have a form in PDF so you can print them out to take to the courthouse. It may also give you costs and procedure if/if not there is a form. Some county websites contain no information and others have a lot.

    Where I live you go to the county courthouse in the county in which you reside in. This is pretty standard for most of the 50 states. The clerk's office is where you will take or obtain the form. You will pay your fee. Here it is over $100 but I don't think it is no more than $300. Mine was done in my divorce at no charge. The clerk's office will review your paperwork and I am sure your parent/parents will need to be there to sign. Once that is done and paid. Your case will be filed, you will get a case number and court date.

    Again, I do not know where you live to know if the judge would grant your name change for a new identity at your age. A friend of a friend took her 12 year old son to have his name changed. His name was Leonardo and the mom had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio when she had him and she realized it was stupid and his name was changed.

    Changing your name is going to be a LOT of red tape after as well, since you are a minor. Anytime you change your name in any form you will need to change you Social Security Card name that your parents will have to do, I believe your Birth Certificate will need to be changed too because it is your entire name and you are a minor. Then when you get that all taken care of you have to go to the BMV to get your Driver's License name too. You may run into other obstacles with bank accounts, medical and school records too that need to be aware of this name change. You may run into more legal documents later that is in your name now.

    Good Luck with this!

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    You fill out forms at the court & a judge grants the request if it's not for a dumb reason.

    Cost could be?

    Hit the search key on your puter.

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    Maybe it is plenty within the USA. I did it in Australia and it fee practically not anything. Just fill out a few types, and pay the cost and the registrar workplace published out the documentation in a few weeks.

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    I have no idea about the cost but if you are under 18 you have to have your parent do it..

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