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Bigger waste of money, Lackey or Burnett?

I'm a Red Sox fan but John Lackey has been inconsistent. When he pitches a gem, the bullpen blows it and he gets a ND. Burnett is struggling and both of these pitchers are at best, a 3 or 4 starter. They were aces on weaker pitching staffs and they were overpaid. They both make like $15 or so million. Do you think both of these players were a waste of money? Burnett has a losing record at 9-11 after his loss tonight. Its a toss up with who I'd rather take.


Lackey has better numbers and Burnett doesn't even have good career numbers.

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    Well Burnett won a World Series game for the Yankees last year, a World Series which the Yankees won, so, I'm going to say that as of right now Lackey is the bigger waste of money. The Yankees so far have gotten more from Burnett (WS Championship) than the Red Sox have gotten from Lackey.

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    Both stink but Lackey's was worse.

    Yankees needed to make repairs and they did. They signed CC, Tex, AJ. Yankees could afford it. Boston already had Beckett, Lester, Buckholz, Matsuzaka, even Wakefield, but they chose to add Lackey who has shown to be a fierce competitor and looks like he could pass as Pedroia's big brother.

    Boston could have brought Jason Bay back who was just amazing for the Red Sox and made it seem like Manny never left. They decided to sign Mike Cameron and then Lackey to a real big contract.

    Yankees could afford it more, as I believe they're still in first place and won the World Series with Burnett as one of their 3 pitchers through the post-season.

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    I think Burnett. If you look at his numbers this year they aren't that great(9-11, 4.80 ERA). Lackey at least has a winning record this season so far(11-7)and has a better ERA than Burnett(4.62)

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    I'd say Burnett. At least Lackey had a better history coming into his contract. Burnett was never really that good.

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    Its too soon to tell, but both were overpaid. But that being said, you had to overpay to get good starting pitching in the last two off seasons and if you look at the next couple of years fr FA starting pitchers, yr gonna have REALLY overpay in the future, so that kinda makes up for it. I tell ya, Cliff Lee is gonna make a fortune.

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    Burnett, he's more inconsistent.

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    I wouldnt call them waste both are just having bad seasons

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    Burnett, he's been terrible.

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